Our Story

"So how did you guys meet?" I swear I have to answer this question more often than any other question in my life. Don't get me wrong, I love telling our story, but I find this question most humorous because I think most people are alluding to the fact that Rob and I are two totally different people. I suppose most people we meet wonder how in the world a white blonde girl from Park City ended up with a tall, dark, and handsome guy from England. Well, its a wonderful story, and if you'll have it, I would love to tell you the beautiful story of boy meets girl. It is probably important to note at this point that I am telling the story (Chelsea), and Rob may or may not (most likely may) have an entirely different version.

JANUARY: Rob and I first met in the Relief Society room of our singles ward. Not super fascinating by any stretch of the imagination, and it goes right along with everyone else's "how we met" story in Provo. My roommates had been teasing me endlessly that morning that I was "unapproachable" and "intimidating" for guys. My dad always told me it was because of my good looks and charm, but I am guessing something else was to blame for my lack of suitors. So, just to prove to my roommates that I was indeed charming, I made it a point to introduce myself to every person of the male species that day at church. Luckily for Rob (or I guess not so luckily), that was his first day in America. Wasn't he just the luckiest guy ever?! Well on goes the story... Rob first contacted me after our meet cue via the most modern way possible... Facebook! We were chatting online one night when he asked if I was interested in going hot tubbing at our apartment complex. (um yes please?!) So I quickly convinced one of my roommates she MUST come with me (thanks Alison). Needless to say I think Rob and I were both so awkward that night in the hot tub that less than five words were shared between us. ...........Wow I just realized how awkward that sentence sounded. Let me clarify, Rob and I were being TOTALLY appropriate in the hot tub- we just didn't talk a lot.

Awkward hot tub situations didn't deter my man though. He proceeded to initiate a hang out session in my apartment- to which he drug his friend Nate. (thanks Nate) Things were going great- we were finally talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. I thought the evening was going superbly when all of a sudden this cute English bloke proceeds to get ALL OF my roommates numbers! It's safe to say at this point that I was no longer feeling very special. I found out once we were married that Rob didn't want to offend any of my roommates so he just asked for all of their numbers- he really just wanted mine though. :)

Rob and I had our first date at TGIFridays, followed by the Nickelcade (where I won every game) and then on to a small cuddling session while watching "All about Steve." And well, the rest is history. Rob and I dated for a month or so before the "first kiss incident."

I had been giving Rob rides to class every morning, and so he had stopped by late one night to ask me what time I was going to school. He waltzed into my apartment, planted one on me, and then proceeded to ask, "So what time are you leaving for school in the morning?" I was totally stunned. I stood there looking like a complete idiot for about 10 seconds before making myself look like an even bigger idiot by replying, "......I lost all my words." Yep. That happened. He kept asking me questions and I just kept staring at him. Everything was sort of in Charlie Brown/ Teacher mode. He was cute but I wasn't hearing a word that was coming out of his mouth. I guess I knew at that point that I was doomed to fall in love with this man.

By February Rob and I had probably broken up 3 or 4 times. I had major commitment issues. That didn't stop him though. He was always there.At the library while I was studying, on the couch in my apartment when I got home from other dates, he even opened the door to about 7 different guys at my birthday party. It is this part in the story where you can say "Chelsea, you are a slime ball!" and "Rob you deserve props!" I guess at some point his persistence paid off, either that or I just got so annoyed of him ruining my dates I decided to give "us" another try.

By August I had picked out a ring (yes, I'm one of those types) and by December I found myself on a 15 hour flight across the pond to meet the fam. (ringless). I had teased Rob a lot before we left that we had better not spend 2 weeks in Europe and then come back and have him propose in Provo. He kept laughing, but two days before we left he told me the sad news, my ring was still not back from the jewelers. It had been made in a size 7 (I'm a 5) and they would not be able to re-size it by the time we left. My heart ached but secretly I hoped he was lying to me.

Meeting Rob's family was fantastic. Minus, the first time I met Seb he said something about a gypsy in a caravan cutting hair at a car boot sale. It was my first experience with English- and I had no idea what the heck these people were saying. I just smiled and nodded... a lot. After Christmas, Rob knew it had always been my dream to go to Paris. At the time his sister, Ruth, was working at Disneyland Paris, so we decided to road trip it from England to Paris to see her. Both Rob and I started to get the flu the day we left, but we weren't about to let that deter us. We spent a wonderful 3 days in Paris, and on the last day Rob convinced my nearly-dead via flu self to go see the Eiffel Tower on December 28, 2011. When we arrived at the tower Rob told me we didn't have enough Euros to take the lift so we would have to walk. I nauseously followed him up 1,710 steps to the summit of the Eiffel tower. At which point I began crying. I felt so ill, and I was so grateful we had to take the lift up the rest of the way.

When we reached the top of the tower we spent a couple of minutes looking off into the fog, trying not to vomit. All of a sudden I looked over and Rob was down on one knee. In my flu clouded mind, all I could say was, "What are you doing down there? Its dirty!" But Rob was already on play mode. He had memorized some sort of (what I am sure was wonderful) speech. He just kept talking and finally I realized what he was doing. He pulled out a ring (to which I exclaimed, OH MY GOSH IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!). And I may or may not have proceeded to steal the ring and put it on myself. Yep. That happened. We raced down the tower to get back to Ruth and Colin and then head back to England.

Rob and I were married on June 4, 2011 in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple for time and for all eternity. We spent the next 2 years living, working, and studying in Provo, Utah. We had our first child, James in 2013. He is perfect in every way and a joy to have in our lives. Rob graduated from BYU with a double major in Classical Civilization and Philosophy with a minor in Logic in 2013.

In July 2014 we moved to the Washington, D.C. area in order for Rob to attend law school at Georgetown University. In 2016 we had our second baby, Charlotte. She is so happy and continually keeps us on our toes! We are  enjoying life on the East Coast as a family of 4 and can't wait to see what new adventures graduation will bring us!

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