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Happy August everybody! When I was a kid I always felt like once August came around the summer was officially over. It was time to shop for new school clothes, buy school supplies, and attend the dreaded "back to school night." Maybe I am crazy, but summer seems to last into late September now. Maybe its because I am not (nor are my kids) in school. Maybe its because DC is still SO HOT and swampy this time of year. Whatever the reason, I am glad that we still have at least one more good month of summer ahead of us!

July brought us a lot of stress and a lot of fun adventures. Rob has been SO busy studying for the bar and working part time. On the rare occasion he was home, he was locked away in the bedroom studying. Which meant that the kids and I had to go on a lot of adventures to make sure we weren't a distraction. It was a fun, and totally exhausting month. Here we go!

The Sunday before the Fourth of July:

James helping Charlotte to brush her teeth:
(James was apparently going for a Christmas in July look)

We started a new behavior chart with James. We have had quite the three-nager around here lately and so now when he is nice, listens, or does something helpful he gets to put a coin in his piggy bank. Then at the end of the week if he has earned a fair amount of coins (mom makes up the difference!) then he can buy a treat or small prize. This week he had his mind made up that he was going to buy himself some M&M's before we even got to the store.

On the Fourth of July we went to the ward breakfast in the morning (sooo hot and sticky), out to lunch, and then had a BBQ in the evening! It was a fun day and I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in food.

Lots of little monkeys jumping on the bed at the BBQ:

We visited lots of splash pads and swimming pools this month with friends! One of our favorite splash pads is the "Our Special Harbor" splash pad at Lee District Park. This time we visited with our friends Sarah and Sephora.

They also have a new carousel there. Charlotte is a BIG fan of carousels. 
She begs to ride them every time she sees one. 

On July 8 We attended Alexandria's Birthday Party in Old Town. Each year the have bands and free birthday cupcakes leading up to a firework show. It has become a fun tradition for us! And of course, everything is always more fun with friends!

I love this comparison of Charlotte and Sephora at Alexandria's Birthday party in 2016 & 2017:

All the ladies:

Flying Sephora:

A lady sitting near us kept giving my kids glow toys. They were in heaven!

Happy Birthday Alexandria!

We also visited the splash pad at Virginia Highlands park!

We participated in Cow Appreciation Day and earned ourselves some free Chick-Fil-A for dinner!

Charlotte insisted on wearing these Winnie the Pooh ears!

We also got to wear our red, white and blue again as we celebrated Bastille Day with Fred Michael and Sarah! Charlotte especially loved singing France's national anthem, while James enjoyed the cake!

We made a Happy Birthday video for Papa:

We found ourselves back at Lee District Park for a third round of splash pad fun! This time we went with Beth and Cohen. James and Cohen are best buds and make sure they tell everyone all about it!

Video of James getting dumped on:

We went to FLIGHT trampoline park! I only took videos there, so hopefully they work!

On July 19th, Rob was sworn in as a citizen of the United States. It was a fun day for us to celebrate America! What a perfect month for it!

Cheering as the United Kingdom was read:
(if you look closely you can see Rob stand up)

That evening we celebrated with friends by having a good old fashioned American BBQ.

We enjoyed lots of trips to the pool this month! James is such a fish and loves to swim every chance he can get! Charlotte is a little more hesitant of the water and often times likes to sit in the stroller and eat snacks while her brother swims.

We visited the library to stock up on books and pretend to be cowboys/girls.

Charlotte is all about accessorizing lately. She loves purses, bracelets, hats, and dress up!

We went bowling with Cohen! Bowl America has a great program for kids in the summer that allows them and a parent to bowl for free! So you may see a lot of bowling pictures from us this summer!

We visited National Harbor and checked out the Peep Shop (basically an entire shop devoted to Easter! think millions of jelly beans and marshmallow friends), the Candy shop, and explored the Gaylord Hotel. We had a picnic lunch on the banks of the Potomac.

Sarah and Sephora earned this picture after BIKING to National Harbor! Well done!

The Gaylord Hotel:

James thought these hedges were a maze so he was going crazy running through them!

Enjoying the park:

You know daddy is at the grocery store with us whenever the kids get to ride in the car carts. I refuse to push them around the store! Sorry, I am not that cool of a mom!

After Rob finished taking the bar (and was in Utah for 5 days) we went out on a real date! (Thanks Sara for babysitting!). We went to dinner at Redstone at National Harbor, and then explored the new MGM grand.

You should go to this restaurant just to order the smoked gouda fondue appetizer 
and then a brownie dessert. 
Seriously THE BEST thing I've ever eaten.

Nicole and Dan flew in to the Charlottesville airport in order to go on a family reunion trip to the Outer Banks. We met up with them in Richmond and explored the Children's Museum there and then had pizza at the Mellow Mushroom. It was such a fun day and a cool children's museum!

Why does Texas have to be so far away? I miss this lady! It's crazy to think that this year marks 20 years of friendship for us. I honestly don't know what I would do without her in my life!

Her little guy, Will, has the cutest hair on the entire planet!

PHEW! That was a lot of pictures! We are SO SO SO happy (did I mention we are SO HAPPY) Rob is done with the bar exam! We get to have him home with us a little more over the next month while he is still working part time.

What we are looking forward to:
-Daddy being home!
-Enjoying the rest of the summer!

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