Sunday, July 2, 2017


June was another fun month for us! If you remember, May left us feeling a little unsure. We were living in a packed apartment, and on the verge of moving to Utah. Well, the day before our pods were scheduled to be delivered to take our stuff to Utah, Rob got a call from a law firm here in Virginia. He accepted a part time, temporary position with the firm while he is studying for the bar. In a crazy change of plans we decided to stay, but now we had a packed house, a lease that was ending, and a kid across the country. Overnight we booked flights to Utah to get James and signed on a new lease! It was quite the whirlwind. We found really cheap flights to Utah so Rob decided to come spend a week with us before he started his new job. I REALLY hate flying, so I was so relieved that at least one leg of the trip I would have some help!

Meanwhile, James was having a great time playing with Grandma, Aunt Nicole, and his cousins!

Charlotte had her first Johnny Rockets experience while we were out apartment hunting one day. This lady LOVES milkshakes..... and cookies... and all things sugar.

I'm so glad we had Rob with us on our flight to Utah! It left at 6 pm DC time and by the time we made it to my parents house it was 3 am DC time. Charlotte didn't sleep a wink! She was a total ham on the airplane and even worked her way into the cockpit to meet the pilots.

Man, how I have missed those mountains!

Our first day there we got to have a BBQ and S'mores with the cousins! 

We enjoyed lunch dates at Zupas (Part of my Utah food bucket list):

And got to visit Grandma and Grandpa Jensen. The kids loved playing with them!

Baby Indie and Charlotte, the two little cousins:

Char learning about spinners from Rome:

All 6 of the cousins together at last!

We loved playing on the soft Utah grass. I never realized how amazing that stuff was until I lived somewhere else. You could take a nap on it!

Baby cousins and Papa:

Fun at the park:

 Playing the sprinklers: 

Daddy and James on the chairlift to the Alpine Slide in Park City:

Lunch at Maxwell's in Park City:

Dinner and ice cream with Cassie and Allen!

Swimming at Aunt Lindy's pool:

Hiking in Cascade Springs:

Dinner with Bishop, Sister Stone and Ashley:

Baby Olivia's Blessing:

While at Grandma's house James decided he LOVES the book, The Gingerbread Man. Grammy was nice and made Gingerbread cookies with him one day:

Lunch at "the train" aka Dairy Keen (more food bucket list):

Making milkshakes with Papa:
As kids we would always beg my dad to stop and get milkshakes, but he would always insist they are better when they are homemade. It was cute to see James and my dad making shakes. (Papa was even convinced to put marshmallows in!)

Char loved meeting Sophie! In fact, her new word of the month is "Doggie" and its adorable.
Don't worry, Sophie was just giving kisses in this picture, but I love Char's facial expression!

Helping Grammy mow the lawn:

Getting ice cream at the dairy farm and meeting the cows:

walking home:
(give me allllll the mountains please!)

Ever since James found out we would be going to Utah for the summer he asked if he could go fishing. I have no idea where the idea came from but he was sticking to it. Grammy was so nice and took him fishing at a fish farm. Which is the perfect place to go finishing if you are 3. TONS of fish!

James caught 6 fish! We brought them home and grilled them for dinner. He wasn't very impressed and didn't want to eat them, but was proud he had caught them!

We also got to visit Great Grandma Gossett. The kids loved swimming in the pool!

Rome reading to James:

I found these ducks crossing the road to be so funny! They were so cute!

Boating at Jordanelle Reservoir:

Aunt Lindy and Char:

James and Rome on the tube:

Charlotte was SO mad that she didn't get to go on the tube and wouldn't stop screaming until we put her on and gave her a little ride with Papa and Rome. She loved it!

Me and baby Indie:

Uncle Ty, Aunt Lindy and James:

Bedtime stories with Papa:

Shakes at Granny's:
(more food bucket list...)

.....and Nielsen's of course.....
(is there such a thing as too much food?)

and then all too soon it was time to go home! I was totally panicking about flying home by myself with two very wild kids, but somehow we survived!

Once we got back to Virginia there was LOTS and LOTS of unpacking to do. James kept commenting on how big the mess was in our house, and he wasn't wrong.

The kids have loved exploring our new pool and playground. Occasionally James asks why we can't go back to our "old new house" but overall I think he is adjusting.

Playdate with Cohen:

Seeing Cars 3:

and to finish off the month, we took a trip to the zoo!

We have had a month FULL of family, good friends, and food. Which is really all anyone can ask for! We are glad to be back home and settling in to our normal routine again. 

What we are looking forward to:
-Daddy becoming an American citizen this month!
-Daddy taking the bar exam (and finally not studying 24/7!!!)
-Lots and lots of BBQ's and pool time!

Happy Summer!