Monday, May 1, 2017


How is April over?! Seriously. That was the fastest month ever.
April brought warmer weather and all sorts of springtime fun for the Starling clan.

petting zoo after soccer one day:

preparing for their first easter egg hunt of the season at our apartment complex.

Charlotte didn't really catch on to the idea of picking up eggs. 
She just enjoyed wandering around outside.

James found the golden egg, which meant he got a gigantic basket full of finding Dory stuff.
Best. Day. Ever.

The blossoms were absolutely beautiful this year!

Daddy playing beauty shop with Char.
He thinks he can do her hair better than I can.

My sweet babes before church:

This is what happens when you have a 3 year old brother:

We had a few nice days at the park:

We visited Chuck E Cheese for the first time ever. (it was a first for me too!)
The kids both LOVED it. There was A LOT of hand sanitizer involved
but a good time was had by all!

While James played games, we played in the photo booth with Char.

Easter Egg Hunt #2:

James was so excited to have his buddy Cohen there!

Easter baskets for the kiddos:

A few pictures of the kids in their Easter clothes:

James sang in Sacrament Meeting for the first time.
It was so cute. He didn't know a single word but he just kept moving his
mouth to pretend like he did.

We had a going away girls lunch for Sabrina. 
We have loved having her in D.C. She is headed back to Utah!

Char showing us how to do yoga.

Our Saturdays are filled with soccer. James loves playing and he has improved so much
since he started a few weeks ago. Charlotte is his cheerleader.

Sloppy Joe night was certainly Sloppy...

Rob woke up at 4 am (BAH!) one morning this month to go watch some Supreme Court cases.
He took this picture of the Supreme Court building. So Pretty!

I took the kiddos to Old Town to feed the ducks.
James LOVES doing this.

Poor Charlotte got sunscreen in her eyes (see above picture) and 
so I gave in when she insisted on bringing this little toy home from Target.
Her eyes were all red and swollen from the sunscreen and I couldn't say no.
James has affectionately named him Posey.

We love our family dinner and game nights with Fred and Sarah.

James and I enjoyed a little painting time while Charlotte was napping:

James stole this book from Charlotte and when I got after him for doing it he started to pretend like he was reading to her. haha. Nice save buddy.

What we are looking forward to:
-GRADUATION! 3 years in the making and we couldn't be more excited!
-Family visiting from England and Utah. Double win!
-Moving to Utah for the summer while Rob studies for the Bar exam. 
Hopefully we will find out soon what our next move will be!
-Packing & moving ALL of our stuff into a storage unit. 
(we aren't really looking forward to this)