Saturday, April 1, 2017


March was certainly full of surprises! (like that random snowstorm!)
We had a lot of fun celebrating spring and Charlotte's birthday this month!

We went to the Air & Space museum with our friends, Emmett & Tina:

We played at Busy Bees with our friends Sarah & Sephora:

We celebrated our friend's first birthdays:
Char was LOVING the balloons!

 We enjoyed a few days at the park:
(Where Char ate a handful of dirt)

I love this picture because of those CHEEKS!

We took Jamsey boy bowling:

A video of James bowling:

We made a snowman with our friends, Beth & Cohen:

Charlotte turned 1!

James made her the sweetest card! He is really into tracing letters recently. He also drew a picture of him and Charlotte. I love how tiny she is when he always draws her!
Waking up to her happy birthday song:

We opened Charlotte's family gifts on her birthday. She loved the ribbons, but made James open all the paper. (He wasn't too bummed about helping!)

On Saturday we had a big party with our friends to celebrate Charlotte's birthday!
Even Grammy and Papa came into town!

I expected her to attack the cake (this lady LOVES food like her mama), but instead she just kept poking her little finger in the hole that was left from the candle.

Singing happy birthday to Char:

Visiting the National Aquarium in Baltimore with Grammy & Papa:

I had a girls night out and saw Beauty and The Beast.
So good! If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it!

Visiting the Cherry Blossoms with Fred, Sarah & Sephora:

James and his buddy, Cohen, started soccer! 
He loves the idea of it but sometimes gets a little overwhelmed when the ball doesn't go exactly where he wants it to. I can't wait to see how much he learns!

A video of James scoring:

I love this lady and her sweet kisses!
Until April!