Wednesday, March 1, 2017


February was such a good month! Be prepared for A LOT of pictures!
You know what I love about D.C? Spring starts coming in February. There is something so wonderful about 70 degree weather and blossoms right after January.

Here's a little bit of what we have been up to this month:

Charlotte LOVES when her daddy comes home. The instant she hears his voice she crawls toward him and gives him the biggest hug. I think it's my favorite part of the day too. Rob works so hard at school all day and still comes home with a smile on his face and time to play with the kids. He works late into the night in order to finish his homework. We love our guy and we are so lucky to have him!

She has turned into such a tease. I love when she puts her binky in different ways and chews on it.

February brought my birthday (definitely starting to feel old), and I got to hang out with wonderful friends and eat delicious food. It was perfect! As were these delicious cupcakes-- thanks Sara! Rob took me out to dinner in the city and it was so nice to be out without the kids. Thanks Bri for babysitting my munchkins!

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. It was so fun to give the kiddos Chocolate and a little toy, and we enjoyed take out PF Changs to celebrate. I had fun looking back through old pictures of Rob & me. It is crazy to think that this was the 8th Valentine's Day we have known each other for!
I love my Valentine's!

It was truly a day of love because I caught these two kiddos holding hands in the car for once instead of fighting!

James and I signed up for a Saturday morning art class at Michaels with Cohen and Beth.
These guys loved making little doggy Valentine's treat bags.

We spent a few days at the park, where this little mama has started crawling around. It means A LOT more dirt on everything (and sometimes in her mouth) but it's so fun to watch her explore.

 James has had a lot of fun with his friends at preschool class. This month I surprised them (and myself) by letting them paint. Luckily no paint ended up on my carpet!

This month we explored Oxon Hill Farm. James and I visited when he was little, and it was fun to go back. 
Cohen and Char check out some farm books:

Beth & Cohen at the farm:

the kiddos & me:

hay rides and mud slides:


two of the cutest little friends I ever did see:

We also took Beth and Cohen to our favorite museum:

And here comes the Disney photo dump! 
Our trip got off to a rocky start when we woke up on Saturday morning to Charlotte wheezing. She was having trouble breathing so we took her in to the doctor. After a nebulizer treatment and being prescribed an inhaler we got the OK to go on our trip. She was feeling much better and we started on our 7.5 hour drive to Charleston, SC where we decided to stop for the night!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Charleston because we got there late at night and left early in order to get to Orlando before the sun went down. We had told James the whole reason we were going to Florida was to go swimming so we figured we had better actually do it!

Both of our kids love the water and had so much fun!

The next morning we headed to Disney bright and early. We were trying to make it in time for the rope drop but missed it by like 5 minutes. Its ok though, we still got to spend the whole day there! 

Enjoying the Ferry Ride to the park:

Riding Winnie the Pooh:

these kiddos seriously loved the carousel!

A video of Charlotte's horse going very fast:

and the moment that inspired us to take this trip in the first place:
James absoutely loved seeing his best friend in real life. It made it all worth it!
Pooh kept pointing to james little pooh and then to himself and then he gave it a big hug!

Hopefully this video works:

Charlotte was making everyone laugh when she was loving on Tigger:



Meeting Mickey & Sun hat wearing- Charlotte

More parades!

Dumbo play area-
one of my kids favorite things!

riding Dumbo:

Disney is so magical at night!
James loved the fireworks and Char was clapping after them!

Giving pooh bear a shoulder ride:

Defeating Aliens:

Racecars with my man- he is one crazy driver!

A sleepy Char (one days she slept for almost 4 hours in the stroller!)
and the Jungle Cruise- one of my favorites!

and our last ride was of course, winnie the pooh.
James requested it before we left the park

Our second night we had a character dinner with Pooh and friends.
James and Charlotte both loved it!

Charlotte kept petting poor Eeyore so hard that he nearly lost his head. The poor guy had to back away from her! haha.

We were so sad to leave Disney (and our vacation!). We can't wait to go back soon!

Charlotte is 11 Months old now!
She can:
-crawl, pull to stand, walk around furniture, push furniture
-stand on her own, take a few steps
-clap, wave, blow kisses
-says mama, dada, buba
-has 5 teeth
-loves music, dancing, and food

Things we are looking forward to:
- Charlotte's first birthday!
-a visit from grandma and grandpa

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