Thursday, February 2, 2017


I can't believe we are already one month in to 2017! Where does the time go? January is always a hard month for me because I feel like there is nothing to look forward to. All of the holidays are over, and it is just 31 days of cold and icy wind. But, somehow we managed to survive, and had a few fun adventures along the way!

For Christmas James got a Build-a-Bear gift certificate. 
He love being able to pick, fluff, and dress his own bear.
He even picked a little sound so when you press its paw it says, "I Love You!"
He named him "Teddy."

We got to go visit the train exhibit at the US Botanical Gardens. It never disappoints and this year was no exception. My favorite was the Mount Rushmore model.

Charlotte is growing so quickly and I love watching her little personality develop.
She makes me smile and laugh most of the day. I am so grateful that she joined our family!

James (and mommy) both survived his first trip to the dentist.
No Cavities!

James loves spending Wednesday mornings at preschool with all of his friends.
They do lots of arts and crafts, running and playing, and eating snacks.

Charlotte visited the soft play room for the first time-
clearly the ball pit was not a hit!

The kids love spending Thursday mornings at music class. Charlotte loves the shakers and James loves the drums! Char makes everyone smile because she dances along to every song.

We've enjoyed a few (cold) days at the park. The kids love getting outside!

We had a fun (and unexpected) playdate with miss Sephora while her mommy had food poisoning.
The girls loved spending the morning together!

We visited the American History Museum.
James begs us to go the museum with "cars and trucks" almost everyday!

Our cuties before church:

 We took the kids swimming on inauguration day. Rob had the day off and James is always asking why we can't go swimming at our pool anymore (its outside) so we decided to explore a new pool! Both of the kids loved the water and splashed for hours! Their computer system was down so they also let us in for free. It was a family day that was just meant to be!

Miss Charlotte is now 10 months old!

at 10 months, Charlotte:
-is a speedy crawler
-pulls to stand on everything
-walks with the assistance of her stroller toy
-refuses baby food and will only eat exactly what we are eating
-has two bottom teeth and is currently getting one of her top fangs. We will have a little vampire (just like James!) in no time!
-is social and makes everyone around her smile
-loves to dance and sing
-hates the car

This month Charlotte graduated to her big girl car seat.
I think I cried a little inside to see my baby growing up!

We hope you all had a wonderful January!

Things we are looking forward to:
-Disney vacation in February
-Valentine's Day (it's one of my favorites!)
-Charlotte's Birthday & a visit from Grandparents!