Sunday, October 2, 2016


For us, September means school is starting again. This year Rob started his last year in law school! Wahoo! I think it is fun to look at the changes that have taken place over the last 3 years...

years 1 & 2
year 3

Bath time is still a fun event around our house. It's my way to get the kids to stop screaming at bedtime and have fun. Charlotte loves watching the water pour and is always trying to grab it. 

This month we did a little art project with James' friend, Cohen. We made fire breathing dragons. Unfortunately Cohen's didn't live very long, but the boys still had fun making them!

Charlotte started eating solid foods this month. She is a champ at eating and always surprises me with how much she can eat! She is a picky eater and is sure to tell us what she does and does not like.
She likes: sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries & bananas.
She tolerates: pears and squash
She hates: green beans & carrots

James loves to help take care of Charlotte. He is sure to wipe up spit up, messy food, and change her bibs frequently. One day I gave charlotte a large steak fry to suck on and James started crying uncontrollably. When we finally got him to settle down he said, "Mom her cannot eat that! Don't give it to her! It make her sick Mom!" Good thing someone is a responsible parent around here. Haha.

One morning I found James trying to get cereal: "I do it all by myself!"

James is certain he plays baseball. He puts on his Nats outfit and grabs his "baseball hat." He always asks me if people are going to his games and tells me to help him practice playing "catch." Poor kid, I really need to sign him up for t-ball or something! First we will start with teaching him the difference between a baseball and a basketball...

This month James asked if we could visit the Museum of Natural History. We had a lot of fun checking out all the animals and dinosaurs. Also, this very awkward picture happened. But, I secretly love it. haha.

A few of our favorite pictures this month:

Charlotte and her buddy, Benson. Sometimes she comes on a little too strong...

Charlotte loved her first time on the swing! She just smiles the whole time and would stay in there all day if I let her.

Charlotte & Benson

Swinging siblings:

And of course, Pooh Bear wanted to swing too...
Charlotte and her friend, Drew, sharing a swing.

We went to the zoo with Sarah & Fred this month. Charlotte and Sephora loved sharing the stroller!

Charlotte turned 6 months old:
at six months, Charlotte can-
-sit for brief periods on her own
-eat solids
-is nowhere near crawling (hooray!)
-has no teeth
-smiles & giggles
-loves baths
-is getting better at riding in the car
-finally slept through the night! (though doesn't do it regularly...)

This month also had the great Safeway episode of 2016.
While I was buckling Charlotte into the shopping cart, James ran ahead and pushed the elevator button. He quickly ran into the elevator (against my instructions telling him not to) and was forced to ride it up into the store. I quickly got into the next elevator but could hear James screaming at the top. When the doors opened I saw James struggling on the floor while being pulled by a kind Safeway employee. She was trying to take him to the customer service desk. I claimed him as my own (against my better judgement at this point) and tried to calm him down. The nice ladies gave him a blue balloon to try and make him feel better. Needless to say, it was the beginning of a very long day and James is better at staying close to me while grocery shopping now!

 Rob and I got to go on a date to Top Golf. I have never been there before and know nothing about golf, but we had so much fun attempting to hit the balls into the various targets.

We also explored the Buddie Ford Nature Center near our house. James gets major props for bravery!

And of course his first picture that actually resembles something. He so proudly told me, 
"Mamma look! An Airplane!"

Cutest airplane I ever did see.

What we are looking forward to:
-Rob & James' birthdays
-Celebrating Halloween
-Fall leaves & family pictures
-Starting preschool

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