Monday, August 1, 2016


Oh what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green?
July has been such a fun, HOT month. 
Did I mention it was hot yet?
DC is seriously not messing around with its heat & humidity combo.
The good news is we found a lot of ways to stay cool in July!

Our apartment complex has a really great pool, and so we have spent many days out there. It is so crazy because in just one month Charlotte completely outgrew her swimming suit. It went from a tankini to a bikini in a matter of weeks! (Don't worry, we recently purchased a new one). Jamesy boy loves the pool and begs to go almost every day. He is a happy little guy with his puddle jumpers on. He loves jumping into the pool, kicking his legs, and splashing mama and baby Char.

Sometimes daddy gets to come with us too-
unfortunately he is a lot more fun than mama is!

Those thighs though...

James loves this hat, and he always puts in on in the most ridiculous directions and situations.
One of the many reasons I love him...

This is Char and her bestie, Sephora.
In case you forgot, they met in the hospital and were born just one day apart!

The heat forced us inside a couple of days and we had to get creative. James and I built all sorts of cities, airports, and rocketships out of legos.
We are basically pros now.

James is seriously the best big brother. I worried so much about how he would handle a new addition to the family, but he has welcomed his baby sister with open arms. He loves to hold her, kiss her goodnight, tell her about his toys, and call her nick names like char baby, char char, little mama, and char princess. I love watching them grow and interact together. 2 is better than 1 around here!

James always wants to make sure that Charlotte has her stuffed owl when she goes down for a nap.
He always runs in and puts it right next to her!

We have had a few splash pad adventures this month as well. James was pretty hesitant at first, but by the end of the month he loves them! (Maybe the heat finally got to him!)

Char and I enjoy the shade while he plays!

The city we live in (Alexandria) throws a huge birthday party each year. It is always the weekend after the fourth of July and has the most spectacular fireworks! We enjoyed a picnic and games with Sarah and Sephora while we waited.

Just a few of our closest friends came to the party as well...

Char took a nap mid-picnic. I love these little toes!

I worried that the fireworks might be too loud for her, but she just sat there the whole time sucking on her binky and watching them with wide eyes. She's the best.

It has been nice having Rob home in the evenings this summer. We aren't ready for school to start again, that's for sure! 

 Pool days with Sephora!
(notice the shrinking swimsuit!)

Char lady crashing after the pool!

James and Charlotte started taking baths together and its pretty much the cutest thing ever. 
(Except when he wants all of her toys!)

We just had new neighbors move in from New Orleans with a little boy who is 2. We have had so much fun getting to know them, showing them around the city, and having them right next door! 

We started potty training this month, which is basically the worst thing ever.
BUT, James has done exceptionally well and I think we are through the woods!
He completed two potty charts and got a new Lego police car and scooter for completing them.
(He will probably kill me for these pictures when he is older!)

Potty training forced us inside for a week so we had to get creative.
Remember the game Hot Lava?
Exhibit A:

Or fort building?
Exhibit B:

This curl kills me. 

 We took pictures for Char's 4 month mark and James wanted in on the action.


Happy 4 months baby girl!
At 4 months baby Charlotte:
-is super smiley and social
-rolls back to front and front to back
-has tried oatmeal (and hated it!)
-doesn't sleep through the night
-loves to make noise and squeal!

We went on a Sunday picnic to Great Falls. 
It was HOT HOT HOT but the company was great and the view was beautiful!

Poor Charlotte got her 4 month shots (with boy bandaids) and James stayed dry throughout the entire doctor's appointment so he got a happy meal. He basically only eats the apple slices and plays with the toy but he loves the idea of it!

Rob and I got to go on a date to the temple. It was so beautiful!

Our ward had a pioneer day activity- at which James ate A LOT of watermelon! 

James also loves playing at the soft play room. Its basically a giant room full of pads where you can let toddlers go crazy in! Best invention ever.

James picked our Saturday activity:
It's one of his favorite things in the world!

We have had so much fun this summer and have loved our first summer in DC.
(Although we wouldn't mind if someone turned the thermostat down a bit!)
We feel so blessed to be healthy and together.

What we are looking forward to:
-Hopefully a trip to the beach!
-the weather cooling down
-enjoying the last of summer before school starts again!

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