Friday, July 1, 2016


Another month has come and gone! June was a fun month for us and we were able to spend quite a bit of time with family. Grandma & Papa came to visit us at the beginning of the month for Charlotte's Baby Blessing. Grandma stayed for an extra week to help us out as I was still recovering. 

Playing with Grandma at the park. We are luck enough to have a playground right behind our new apartment! It has been a huge hit with James!

We visited the Botanical Gardens in DC

I had my MRI-E. In case anyone was wondering, I'm getting really good at drinking nasty drinks for tests. This makes 5 for just this year alone!

Out to breakfast with Grandma & Papa- James ordered Mickey Mouse pancakes of course!
If anyone in the area wants a good diner breakfast, head on over to City Diner in Falls Church.

Visiting the farmers market in Falls Church-
Rob baby wearing like a champ!

Celebrating good results from the MRI-E at our favorite frozen yogurt spot-
Sweet Frog's! {I like to tell myself that frozen yogurt is good for me because of the probiotics!}

James loves swimming at our new pool! Grandma was nice enough to take him a couple of times while she was here!

Saying goodbye to my sweet boy for two weeks so
he could go spend time with Grandma and Papa in Utah!

After dropping mom & James off at the airport Rob and I decided to visit Annapolis.
We have never been there before and so we wanted to check it out!
We had breakfast at a little hole in the wall called Chick & Ruth's Delly. I highly recommend it! So delicious and so cheap! Then we walked around the old streets, visited the Naval Academy, the seafront, and finished off with some ice cream!

James had a great time in Utah playing with his cousins! They went hiking, boating, played outside and ate lots of ice cream!

A big thank you to Grandma & Papa and Aunt Nicole for watching James!

All 5 of the grandkids together for the first time!

The little girls loved helping with baby Charlotte- 
they will make the best big sisters in October!

Nicole has the funnest blow up slide and bouncy house! The kids were in heaven!

Sienna loving on Charlotte

Charlotte taking a bumbo bath at Grandma & Papa's

yummy dinners on the deck!
{I forgot what its like to not have humidity!}

Grandma Gossett's 81st birthday party!

Lunch at Zupas in Park City with Aunt Lesa, Grandma & Aunt Nicole

Family dinner at Billy Blanco's! 
It's a rare thing when this family is all in one place at the same time!

Visiting Grandma & Papa Jensen

Our flight home was my first time flying with both kids!
It actually wasn't too terrible. There were a lot of kind people who helped us along the way;
except for the lady who sat next to us on our last flight. Both kids were screaming and instead of trying to help she actually turned her back to me! Haha. So funny.
In the end we survived and we were all very ready to see daddy on the other end!

A rare moment where both kids were asleep!
Don't be fooled, it only lasted about 2 minutes.

June was a great month for us! Things are starting to heat up out here so we are bracing ourselves for July!

What we are looking forward to:
-Fireworks and the fourth of July!
-I'm doing a video capsule test next week. (swallowing a camera!)
-Trips to the beach