Friday, June 3, 2016

April & May

Although I was updating the blog with Crohn's and UC stuff throughout April and May, I left out all the parts of what we were doing while we weren't at the hospital or dying on the couch. 
(It wasn't much, thus the two months are lumped together!)


Miss Charlotte turned one month old!

She's just the cutest and we love her so much!

Grandma came back to visit us and help while I was in the hospital,
thank you to the world's best mama!

This guy was very excited to be a big brother! He loves to help get Charlotte's "gummies" (binky), "nappies" (diaper), and burp cloths. He's the best!

While I was in the hospital my dear friend, Nicole, stayed with my kids.
She is such a sweetheart and took James to the zoo with her boys one day.
How she took care of four kids, ages 3 and under, I will never know. She even came to the hospital in the evening to hold my hand and cry with me. She's the best- and that's why we have been friends since the third grade. I would be so lost without her and I am so blessed she lived close enough to come and help.

Miss Charlotte got to have sleepovers with her {almost} birthday twin, Sephora.
Huge thank you to Auntie Sarah & Uncle Fred Michael for loving on my baby while I was sick! Most people would run at the thought of taking on another baby when they just gave birth, but Sarah took Charlotte multiple nights and loved her just like she was her own baby. She's incredible. Thank you!

James got to come visit momma at the hospital a few times for dinner and ice cream dates, he also enjoyed our walks around the hospital and playing on the escalator! 
(Fun is very limited in the hospital for two year olds!)

James has loved hanging out with his friend Luke! They have gone on so many adventures from the library, to the soft room, the park, walks, and playing at home! He asks me every morning if he can go "play with Lukey today?"
(Huge thank you to Kamae for taking James on so many adventures!)

At home momma and baby Charlotte did A LOT 
of snuggling and recovering while James was out on play dates!


Miss Charlotte turned 2 months old!

James got to go play at the park with Robert and Audrey-
she is such a sweet visiting teacher and James loved going out with them.
Thank you!

 James got a new "big boy" haircut!

James drew this picture and told me it was of him and baby Charlotte.
I love it!

On the day we moved, my sweet friend, Kelsi took James with their family to the Shenandoah Caverns. It was so helpful for us to have James out of the way while we were moving and so fun for James to get to play with his friend Jayson one last time before they moved.
Thank you, Kelsi!

I got my third Remicade infusion. I'm so not loving this steroid face and I feel hideous in every single picture I take, but I've told myself I can't let it keep me from documenting this part of our lives. So yes, I'm well aware that I look terrible, but this is what our life is right now and its ok!
 It will go away eventually!

Poor Rob had to sit and wait with me- it took almost the entire day!
(Huge thank you to Amy for watching both kids every Wednesday in May to let me rest or go to treatment! The kids LOVE her and James is always asking to go play with Amy. She has blessed our lives in so many ways these last few months- Thank you!)

James got to go to the park with his friends from Church!
(Thank you to Annie & Brandi for playing with James!)

I got to have a goodbye brunch with Nicole and Kelsi.
My two best and first friends here in DC moved in the same week! It was so sad and I will miss these ladies so much! We all have boys the same age and it was so fun having them play together.
Good luck in Dallas and Alaska!
We love you!

We moved! Here is our new house!
Our incredible Relief Society packed our entire apartment and the Elders Quorum moved us.
Our sweet Relief Society President even cleaned my entire old apartment by herself so I didn't have to do it. You are all so incredible, thank you! 

This girl. So much love for her!

For Memorial Day we tagged along with our friends,
 Sabrina and Jordan to visit Arlington Cemetery. 
This was one of my first outings and I was so proud of myself! I walked around for a good hour in the heat and the humidity! It was so beautiful and such a nice way to start off Memorial Day weekend.
(Rob was studying for finals and didn't come with us.)

On Memorial Day I convinced Rob to go out to breakfast. We were out the door and at Panera with both kids by 8 am. I would say thats pretty impressive!

Then we went and bought a new car! 
We needed a bigger car and found one we liked.
This is our new (to us) Kia Sorento!

We finished off the night with a BBQ with some of our friends!
It was such a fun Memorial Day and I felt well all day- a miracle!

My dinner dates at the Olive Garden
(Thank you to the Peers family for the gift card! It was a special treat for us to be able to go out to dinner and a huge relief for me to not have to make it!)

Although April & May proved to be some of the most trying months in our lives, I cannot express in words how blessed we have been. People in our ward signed up each day to take James for a few hours so I could rest. It was such a huge help and I am eternally grateful to each of those people for their efforts. James got to go to parks, the library, taco Tuesday, the soft room, play with friends, go to nature centers, and even swimming! I felt so bad when I got sick and all he could do was watch TV all day because I couldn't take care of him. The ward stepped in and made it such a fun few months for him. We are so grateful for each of you, thank you!

I couldn't have survived these last couple of months without all of the friends and family who have sent kind notes, surprise gift packages, books, money, groceries, baby supplies, etc. I am tearing up just remembering; visits, phone calls, and hugs all went such a long way to helping me feel better. It is so incredible to me how everyone helps do what they can, and together all of you have filled each gap or need in our lives these last few months. Thank you for everything, thank you, thank you!

Thank you for blessing our lives in so many ways and helping me have these two happy, healthy, children. They are what matter most, and thank you for keeping them that way.
I seriously couldn't have done it without a single one of you!

We love you all!


  1. Such a beautiful family. You're beautiful. :)

  2. Such a beautiful family. You're beautiful. :)