Friday, April 22, 2016


The last month and a half have been such a whirlwind of emotions, and keeping up with this blog has definitely been on the bottom of my priority list. I decided that maybe keeping up with the blog would be a good way to keep everyone updated on our family and my condition instead of having to explain everything a million times. But before we get to the hospital visits and diagnosis, lets start with something fun and remember the beginning of March.

March brought some warmer weather to us in DC, and so James and I tried to take advantage of as many park days as we could before baby sister arrived. We also discovered Taco Tuesday at Cafe Rio ($1.75 tacos? Yes please!)- which just happens to be right next to the park. Man, how I miss those days so much right now. 

I was so nervous about how James would react to the new baby, so it was important to me to try and give him as many special days with just him as I possibly could before the baby came. James loves to go bowling, so Rob came home from school early one day so we could take him on a special date. There is nothing this little guy loves more in the world than bowling and french fries.

Originally we thought Miss Charlotte would be coming before her due date. James was a big baby, and my OB wanted to avoid the trauma that comes with having a big baby. He was planning to strip my membranes at the beginning of March, so my mom flew out early to be sure she didn't miss the birth. As it turned out I wasn't even remotely dilated or effaced, so my OB was unable to strip my membranes. My mom was such a trooper and we waited for Miss Charlotte to come the old fashioned way. We had two amazing weeks where we just got to play with Grandma. I know those weeks were hard for her to be away from my dad, but I am so grateful we had those special weeks together.

We did A LOT of walking to try and get Miss Charlotte out. We walked in the mall on cold days, the zoo and parks on warmer days. We even visited the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum to try and get some more steps in!

We also hit up IHOP for some free pancakes on International Pancake Day.
(James LOVES pancakes!)

My sweet mom made her famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I had been craving them for months and I was so excited to finally get some fresh ones! James loved helping Grandma make them.

We worked on some sewing crafts during nap time, and made  these sweet swaddle blankets for Charlotte:

As with all Grandma visits- there was quite a bit of ice cream involved!

We went to the ward Easter party where James loved playing games, doing crafts, and of course collecting eggs full of candy! He was all business this year, trying to hold as many eggs as he could!

My mom spent her birthday with us, so we went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and then came home to do cake, ice cream, and presents! 

All of the partying with grandma wore out this little guy! We found him totally crashed on the couch one night after dinner. I don't think he has EVER fallen asleep anywhere but in his bed. It was quite the miracle!

 We had so much fun playing together as a family and with Grandma before Charlotte came. I wouldn't have changed anything about this time we had together, especially knowing what I know now. The Lord truly blessed us with some happy, healthy, and fun weeks. 

Up Next: Miss Charlotte's Birth Story!

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