Wednesday, March 2, 2016


 February has been such a wonderful month for us! I have really tried to make the most of our time left as a family of three. Don't get me wrong, I am SO excited to meet baby girl, but a part of me is still a little bit sad James won't be my only little buddy anymore. We have been partners in crime exploring the East Coast by ourselves for almost two years! He is the best little buddy there ever was, and I can't wait to watch him become a big brother. But for now, I am just enjoying our last few days as just the two of us.

On my birthday James took me out to lunch at Chic Fil A with my friend, Sabrina. 
James has the cutest crush on her and he was so excited to go to lunch!

And then, this happened....
classic pregnancy mistake. I was so embarrassed when I got home and realized I had been wearing two different shoes all day! Luckily, I didn't see anyone I knew, but I am sure a few people got a good laugh out of it!

Rob and I celebrated Valentine's Day at Ruth Chris Steak House in DC.
My parents had given us some gift cards to there for Christmas, and Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect time to cash them in! The building was SO cool inside and made to look like an old castle. 
The food was AMAZING and it was fun to spend a date night with this guy.
I have a feeling our date nights will be few and far between for the next couple of months.

So many sweet people have given baby girl gifts, and we are so grateful!
James has loved opening them and even stealing a few things from his baby sister.

These are some of my friends from our ward. We are all due in March, if you can believe it!
Our mother's lounge is going to be one happening place in a few months!

We have had a hard time staying inside all the time in this miserable, cold weather, so at the first sign of anything remotely warm, you will find us at the park. We have so many great parks near us and we have had fun exploring new ones this month!

We made the most delicious banoffee cheese cake bites for dessert.
You can find the recipe here, I promise you won't regret making these delicious cakes!

Bath time is always a funny (and extremely wet) mess with this guy!

I came out of my room one morning to find this guy wearing pooh bear ears. 
I don't know why it made me laugh so hard, but he is just so sweet, I love it!

My friend, Nicole and I, got to throw a baby shower for our other friend, Kelsi. It was so fun to spend time with these sweet ladies all weekend! We can't wait for these babies to get here so they can be friends!

Rob and I signed a lease for a new apartment in the Spring! Our contract at our current place will run out and it seemed like a good time to progress to a two bedroom apartment! (no more one and den!)
We are really excited we get to stay in the same ward, and there is even a little playground outside our apartment!

We had a fun adventure at IKEA with Jayson and Kelsi. James and Jayson could play together all day long if we let them. Every morning when James wakes up he asks me if he can play with Jayson. I'm so glad he has a little buddy here!

Well, it is officially March now and we are all on baby watch. I am so excited to meet this little girl but so nervous for the rough months ahead! I know adjusting to two kids will be tricky, but I am so grateful to have this sweet little family of mine!

What we are looking forward to:
-Grandma coming into town this weekend
-Baby sister's arrival
-Spring break for Rob

Update on James:
-Loves to say his own prayers
-Sings ALL the time
-Counts from 1-13
-Loves to tease, jump, and play