Sunday, February 7, 2016


January was a fairly uneventful month for us- 
which in some ways is very nice after the busy holiday season. 
We found ourselves back in DC after a long trip in Utah, and tried to settle back 
into our normal routine.

Rob had a week between when we got home and he started school,
so we took advantage of having him home to do some fun things.

James LOVES "helping" wherever he can. It has been fun to
come up with projects to keep him busy. Helping in the kitchen 
is one of his favorite things!

We explored a new park which had a beautiful little lake and
playground. James was in heaven- minus the 20 degree weather.

cute video of James on the swing:

 Another favorite activity for James is feeding the ducks at the dock in Old Town 
and then getting hot chocolate afterward. 
My little friend is quite the chocoholic and guzzles 
that $4 Starbucks cup in no time at all!

Baby girl and I hit our 32 week mark in January. She is doing well-
I on the other hand am starting to feel a bit large!

The cold weather has made going outside quite uncomfortable for all of us,
so we have visited PetsMart more times than people without pets should.
Thank you to all the pet owners who let James love on their furry friends!

January brought winter storm Jonas to our doorstep. It is always so funny to me how everyone rushes to the grocery store to buy EVERYTHING. Here is a picture of the "water" section on the left, and the "bread" section on the right. You will also find a similar sight in the milk and egg department.

At first I thought this was so absurd- can you imagine if this happened every time it snowed in Utah?! But the difference is that here it takes them DAYS to plow the roads- so you literally cannot leave your house until they do.
This means you must have enough groceries to get you through at least a week.

We were snowed in for 5 days with this storm. We tried to take James out to 
play in the snow to break up the time-
but this boy HATES cold weather and thinks snow is messy.
He just keeps asking to "clean it off."

Here is a view of our street:
Lucky for us we park in a parking garage- (thanks to our $50 parking payment each month)
This was 5 days after the storm hit- I'm pretty sure that person didn't get their car out for a while!

The wind was so bad the snow drifted into our parking garage.
Now this has just turned into a massive lake in the middle of the garage.

Popcorn and watching, Ice Age, the Meltdown, seemed like an appropriate evening for us

James LOVES going to church. He has the best nursery leaders and song specialists.
Some of his favorite songs are, "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam," and "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes." (both of which involve a great amount of jumping!)

Me & Baby girl at 34 weeks! Starting to feel very tired at this point-
having a two year old is hard when you can't bend over!
I am starting to feel ready as to things we need to buy, but not so ready to have two kids!

A little update about James:
(just so I can remember him at all of his stages)
-Can count from 1-12
-Sing the entire ABC song all the way through. (Finally!)
-Loves singing songs! His favorite bed time songs are:
"You are my sunshine"
"Baa Baa Blacksheep" 
"Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" theme song
"Baby Pooh" (a made up version of the Winnie the Pooh song)
-Loves singing to Adele's "Hello" every time it comes on the radio
-Loves cars, trucks, and planes
-Is a big helper!
-Frequently asks where baby sister is because he wants to play with her
-Always has to tell Dada "Be safe, Love you!" before he leaves and asks for a hug and a kiss

Things we are looking forward to:
-February and Valentine's Day
-Throwing a baby shower for my friend
-Lots of family coming to visit when baby girl arrives!