Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We loved receiving so many of your Christmas cards and letters. It's so fun to see what everyone has been up to the past year!

December was a busy month for us, as it is for all of us, 
so I have tried to give you the reader's digest of what we've been up to!

We started out the month in Virginia, and spent some time with friends before we left for Utah.
We enjoyed Christmas cookie decorating (although everyone was a bigger fan of eating them rather than decorating them...), went to the Christmas boat parade in Old Town Alexandria, and then boarded a plane for Utah! James and I were so sad to be leaving Rob, but let's be honest, he's not much fun during finals anyway!

In Utah we enjoyed walks with Grandma (until the weather got too cold and icy for this pregnant lady)hung out with cousins, decorated gingerbread houses, ate at "the train," saw Zoo Lights at the Hogle Zoo, had breakfast with Santa, went sledding, baked one million Christmas treats, visited Grandma Gossett, built snowmen, had Neilson's Custard, Rob went snowboarding, and we decorated gingerbread men!


On Christmas Eve we spent the day with my family and had a delicious dinner and then opened family presents. On Christmas Day we opened gifts, made breakfast, and then headed to Nicole's house for some sledding and games!

The day after Christmas we left Utah for Canada to spend some time with Rob's family near Calgary. Rob's brother and his wife (Adam & Emma) live in Canada, and the rest of Rob's family (minus his sister, Sarah), flew from England to spend the holidays there. We just couldn't pass up the opportunity to see everyone! 

In Canada we spent a few days in Lake Louise, where the majority of the people enjoyed skiing/snowboarding, and snowmobiling. James and I stayed at the lodge and went swimming. (My balance isn't good enough at this point for skiing). We saw Lake Louise in all of its bitter cold glory (James screamed the whole 10 minute walk to the lake because it was SO cold), walked around Banff, drank our weight in hot chocolate, Rob saw Star Wars, and we all went sledding!

On New Year's Eve we made lots of delicious snack foods, watched Cool Runnings (a Starling tradition), and played games. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of New Year's Eve. On January 2nd we headed back to Utah to spend a few more days with my family.

We visited the Jensen's, who James fondly calls Papa and Grandma Jensen, reunited the old PUMS 12th Ward Bishopric for dinner, and had dinner with our old friends, Cassie and Allen. (Unfortunately I also forgot to take pictures that evening). On our last night in Utah we had dinner with my siblings before flying out early the next day.

Here is a little update on all of us:
{ROB}: Is enjoying his month long break from Law School. He is currently applying for summer jobs (keep your fingers crossed!), enjoys playing computer games, chasing James around the house, and completing my infinitely long list of "honey-do's".

{CHELSEA}: Is starting to feel less like a human and more like a beached whale, has been busy finding the best deals possible on baby things, (we sold almost everything before moving to DC), finished a quilt for baby girl, enjoys playing cars with James, loathes taking pregnancy glucose tests, and has been making mountains of to-do lists to complete before the baby comes.

{JAMES}: Is two, and everything that being two means. He is busy, smart, and sweet. Enjoys all things with wheels, animals, and books. He is obsessed with stuffed animals, especially his Pooh Bear and Mickey Mouse. Loves to sing Ba Ba Black Sheep at the top of his lungs, is still working on his alphabet, loves to jump and do "rolly pollies" (somersaults), is trying patiently to wait for his new "baby sister" to come, and continually keeps us on our toes! He loves to help us and is always saying, "no! James help!" when he wants to do something by himself. He is such a sweet boy and we feel so blessed to have him in our lives.

{BABY GIRL}: Is 30.5 weeks old, roughly 15.7 inches long, and weighs about 3 pounds. She gets the hiccups frequently and is not a fan of them. She is an active little baby and loves to push on her mama causing LOTS of heartburn. She is slowly accumulating lots of pink things. Less than 10 weeks until we get to meet her!

(I cannot believe we will be a family of FOUR soon!)

What we are looking forward to:
-Rob landing a summer job
-a million baby showers for friends over the next two months!
-prepping for baby girl
-February! (Who doesn't love a month dedicated to love and pink?!)