Sunday, October 11, 2015


I really love putting together a blog post every month! It is such a good reminder to me to reflect back on what we did that month, and what big events we have coming up. 

Sometimes as a stay at home mom I feel like every single day is the same.
Does anyone else feel like that?

Or that we spend a lot of time at home doing laundry, cleaning, running errands, etc.
And then I feel bad for James that he doesn't get to go do fun things 24/7.
Totally unrealistic, right?
Well, at least I keep telling myself that it is. 

September was a fairly difficult month for us. I don't think I have ever felt so unwell in all my life. It seriously has been like having the stomach flu that never ends. A lot of the days it was all I could do to get out of bed and get James something to eat. Then there was a lot of laying on the couch, throwing up, and laying on the couch some more. We watched a lot of Daniel Tiger, Thomas, Chuggington, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Judge away. Yes, I let my almost 2 year old watch a whole heck of a lot of TV for a few weeks. And you wanna know the worst part?
I think he will turn out just fine. 

Eventually my OB (who I LOVE by the way) got me on some medication. I feel like it took a few weeks for it to get into my system, but now things are going much smoother. I am a normal functioning adult until about 4 pm, at which point I have to force myself to start eating a lot in order to make it through until James goes to bed at 7:30. At which point, I lay in bed myself. 
Isn't it weird how every pregnancy is so different? 
I felt so great when I was pregnant with James. Seriously! I had energy, I wanted to eat everything in sight, I felt like my mood was pretty even, and my skin was awesome! (Or maybe that's just the way I remember it...)
This time around, not so.
I'm breaking out like a teenager, I'm lucky if something even looks remotely appetizing, my emotions are on a rollercoaster, (I wanted to cry the other day because it wasn't Christmastime. Seriously?!) and don't even get me started on the never-ending headaches.

But, through it all I have had an awesome husband by my side. He gets up with James at 6:30 am (why do toddlers hate sleeping in so much?!), comes home from school and plays with James for a few hours before heading back to campus to study, and puts up with all of my emotions. I am so grateful I have him- he is just the best.

Rob spends a ton of time at school, or doing school work. He has been applying for lots of jobs, trying to find something for next summer. It seems we have entered the part of the semester where we say goodbye to our husband and dad for the next two months.
Law school is worth it, right?

Ok, well enough of an update. Here is the usual photo dump:

We took James to a splash pad one day. DC summers are not to be underestimated. 
Humidity and heat like you have never imagined.

Rob rigged this popsicle contraption so James wouldn't drip any on the floor.
I think he's been on pinterest.

James loves the zoo, we spend at least one day a week there exploring the exhibits.

Talk like a pirate day-
I convinced these boys to dress up in order to score us a box of free doughnuts. 
James was pretty excited!

We took James bowling for the first time, and he loved it!
It also helped that we bought him some french fries (his very favorite treat)

How cute are toddler bowling shoes?!

Pooh bear helped him with a few rounds.

One Sunday we drove up to the temple and walked around the visitor's center and the grounds.
It is always so beautiful and peaceful up there.

My videos often don't work, but here is a video attempt of 
James and Rory (the girl I babysit) playing. 
They are so cute together!

Here is another video of James' recent obsession, peek a boo.

September was a great month, but I was not sad to see it go! October is one of my very favorite months of the year! Who doesn't love  eating candy and having cute ghosts knocking on your door?

Happy Fall Everyone!

What we are looking forward to:
-Rob's 28th birthday on October 12. (tomorrow! Be sure to send him lots of love!)
-Finding out the gender of baby #2 on October 14. Stay tuned!
-Grandma & Grandpa visiting on October 16.
-I get to go to Time Out For Women in Richmond on October 24.
-James' 2nd birthday on October 28!
-Halloween of course!

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