Sunday, September 27, 2015


So I realized the other day that I never blogged about August! It has been such an adventure driving back to DC from Utah, getting settled back into our own schedule, and being sick, that it just never happened. Also I knew in the back of my mind that next time I blogged I needed to back up my computer (because my phone and computer keep yelling at me that I have too many things on them), which I LOATHE. But, I'm happy to say its all done and my phone has stopped pestering me- at least for the next few days. 

August started off with a BIG announcement to my family. In case you missed it, baby Starling #2 is on the way and due March 16! We announced it to my family with a "nothing 'bundt' cakes" cake. I don't know why (Rob says its because I'm weird) but I hate announcing to people that I'm pregnant. Like I really hate it. But this time around I didn't have the luxury of procrastinating it because I was  puking my guts out. It rapidly became obvious that I was either pregnant or dying of some weird disease. Regardless, we are very excited for this new little addition to our family. I am currently 16 weeks and still sick, but the doctor told me that 20 weeks might bring some relief. Here's hoping!

James went to his first baseball game to see the Bee's play in SLC.

He loved finding this random flag at my parent's house and running through the sprinklers.
Nothing says summer to me like American flags and sprinklers.

Hanging out with all of his pals:
baby pooh, pooh, and big pooh as he calls them

Nicole and Zach found a house and moved out, 
so poor James was left at a table for one once all of his friends were gone. 

Finally, we had to say our goodbyes, pack our car, and head back to DC.
By some miracle, I made it home. I wasn't sure I would be able to survive 35 hours in the car with being as sick as I was. I know there were many answered prayers in order to get me there without too much discomfort.

We tried to take lots of stops along the way to let this little guy run wild. He loved being able to go "schwimming!"

Eating popcorn in a hotel room was also a highlight for him.

In Chicago we visited the Children's museum, which was amazing! Seriously, I want to move here just for this museum. James loved spending the day there! 

Seriously, how cute is this mini whole foods?!

Rob talked me into taking an architectural tour of the city via boat. It was actually really fun, and James loved being on a boat. If you are ever in Chicago, I totally recommend it.

Visiting the bean.

Finally, we made it home and it was back to reality for all of us. Rob started his second year at Georgetown Law (1 down, 2 to go!) and James and I adjusted back to being at home without him.
Here is a comparison from last year to this year. Its crazy how much James has changed in just one year! 

Everyone keeps asking me if I am happy to be back or if I miss being in Utah. The answer is both. Utah is my home, and where my family is, but DC is our adventure. Being across the country is certainly difficult some days, but I know we have grown so much in the last year and 
I am excited to see what this year brings!

What we are looking forward to:
-Baby gender ultrasound on October 14th
-Mom & Dad visiting on October 16th
-Cooler weather
-Fall leaves and pumpkin everything
-Feeling better (fingers crossed!)
-Finding a summer job for Rob

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