Sunday, August 9, 2015


I can not believe it is already August! It seems like it was just last week that we were packing up to head to Utah for the summer, and now we are about to pack up and head home. We have had such a fun and memorable summer here in Utah. (not to mention we've successfully avoided DC's heat and humidity!) James has loved the time that he has spent with his cousins. He has grown so much from being around other kids. His vocabulary has exploded these last couple of months, and he is starting to enjoy playing with other children. We sure will miss our cousins!

Warning: Major photo dump ahead!

July was a busy month for us! We started the month off by hiking around Mirror Lake in the Uintas. The kids did such a great job, and hiked the whole way by themselves!

James decided to go for a swim and so he got to wear grandma's jacket for a little while.

After the hike, grandma treated us to some shaved ice at Hokulia.
It was James' first time and he LOVED it!


We visited Great Grandma in Tooele again for some more swimming fun.
This little guy is SUCH a water baby. Seriously, he is always begging for 
a bath, running through sprinklers, or jumping in pools and puddles.


Family breakfast at Kneader's. It wouldn't be a trip to Utah without
some bottomless Kneader's french toast.


And then there was the dreadful day we lost pooh bear.
There were lots and lots of tears shed by James and Mama.
Nothing is worse than watching your poor kid lose his best friend.

We immediately replaced pooh bear with some help from the Disney Store,
and I'm happy to report that James has adopted him just the same.


The 4th of July:
We went to the parade on main street in Park City, and then celebrated Roman's birthday.

We finished off the night by watching the fireworks in Sugar House Park.
After every one James would say, "WOAH!" 
His first firework experience was a success!


Shopping in Park City with mom and dad, this little guy also loves to wear hats.


Boating on Jordanelle

James loves the "little boat" that he can float in behind the "big boat"


We celebrated Dad & Zach's birthdays
(isn't it crazy they share a birthday?!)

And my little cake lover of course had his fair share of chocolate cake.


We went to Pineview Reservoir with some friends. The beach was perfect there and James loved building sandcastles and playing in the water.

again with the hats...


We hiked to Cecret Lake at the top of Alta Ski Resort.
It was a beautiful hike and the wildflowers were in full bloom.
In hindsight it probably wasn't the best hike for James, it was a little too difficult
 for him and I ended up carrying him most of the way.


We fed the ducks at Sugar House Park. They were getting up close and personal with us-
one even nipped at my leg!


There has been lots and lots of time spent wandering around Grandma's yard.
(with pooh bear, of course)


hats, hats, hats...


We took James to see his first movie in the theater,
Inside Out.
All things considered he did reasonably well. Although the amount it cost 
me in treats to keep him occupied will probably keep us from seeing
another movie in the near future.


Beautiful sunset from my parent's back deck


We went glamping in Bear Lake. It was so nice, they had our tents and beds all set up for us.
The kids loved riding in the little car to the tent.

playground fun with papa at the glampground

While we were in Bear Lake we drove up to Montpelier, Idaho, to see
where my distant relative robbed a bank with Butch Cassidy.

There was lots of lovin' on the bears in Bear Lake

Here is a picture of our glampsite:
(yes that is a king sized bed with a mattress!)

Happy campers-
(please ignore my camp hair)

Our tent was jam-packed with pac-n-plays!

Lunch on the edge of the boat

Getting breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa

building sandcastles with daddy

Our glampsite also had covered wagons, I thought they
looked so pretty at night 

Checking out that blue Bear Lake water!

Seriously- isn't that water amazing?!

Daddy doing flips

Grandma & Grandpa dancing

A very sleepy camping boy and his dirty camping bear


When we got back from our trip we drove out to Tooele again to visit Great Grandma.
The kids loved playing "ring around the rosie" there.


We drove around Midway looking for horses and cows.
James loved seeing all of the animals, especially the horses.
He was so brave and wanted to pet them all!


Toward the end of the month James caught a little virus and was down with a fever for a few days. His fever got up to 104! Poor guy. He is doing much better now, and we enjoyed the snuggles while they lasted.


We visited the Living Planet Aquarium in Salt Lake,
which was a major hit with the kids.


Our old dog Sadie got sick, and when we took her into the vet we found out
she has stomach cancer. She has always been such a busy dog, and now
she spends her days laying around. The kids have been taking
good care of her though! We are just trying to make her comfortable.
This lady is 87 in dog years and has had a good run in life.
We will miss her so much! I'm glad James got to spend the summer loving on her.
He pronounces her name "Say-day" and it's the cutest thing when he calls for her.


The Tour of Utah bike race passed by grandma's house, so we walked out to
the corner to cheer them on! James loved ringing his cow bell for them!


The twins got their princess Jeep back and have been taking James for rides, and he loves it!
Although their driving skills need some improvement.


What a busy month! We have about a week and a half left here in Utah and then we will begin our long trip back to DC. Rob is currently flying back to DC for early interview week at Georgetown. We have our fingers crossed that all goes well!

We have had such a busy summer, we won't know what to do with ourselves when we get back to DC!