Wednesday, July 1, 2015


June has been such a fun month for us! Rob spends most of his days working at the ACLU. He is really loving it there! I love it as well because he gets home by 5 every night and doesn't leave until almost 9! Once he is home there is no studying either! James and I get to spend our days hanging out with my sister and her kids and my mom. We have been taking the kids (3 under 3 and one 8 year old) on lots of adventures! We mostly spend a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful mountains and national parks here. We all have missed the mountains so much! 

James snuggling with dad in the morning

We visited our old bishop at his pharmacy in Spanish Fork. It has the cutest little counter with seriously delicious burgers. If you are ever in Spanish Fork you should stop in at Stone Drug for an awesome burger!

More morning snuggles with pooh and elmo

One day we drove through the Alpine Loop. It was so beautiful! Utah has been so green this month because of all of the rain we have been getting!

More pooh snuggles. I just love these.

Grammy and Grandpa with all of their grandkids in one place. They finally all met!

Splashing in the new kiddie pool! 
(word of advice- blowing these things up sucks!)

Eating dinner

Bath time

Movie time

Warming up after more kiddie pool fun

Hiking to Silver Lake 

We went to the ward party at the farm. James loved it! He got licked by a cow and was LOVING this swing. You can't tell from the picture but it's actually pretty huge!

It was all fun and games until Rob broke the trampoline. Luckily no one was hurt, as he was jumping with James at the time. $84 later the trampoline is fixed. :)

Visiting Great Grandma Gossett and swimming her pool

three pooh-obsessed kids

Nicole and her kiddos crossing the river, hiking in the Uintas!

Where's James?

Four little hikers

As James says, "1.....2.....3...... JUMP!"

Boating fun on Deer Creek

Father's Day Dinner!

A new hat!

Making Pizza

Bedtime stories with Papa

Bike rides for donuts!
(exercise always needs rewards!)

MANY MANY drink stops in this hot weather. James thinks McDonalds = fries, so while the rest of us refresh, James eats fries.

Taking Great Grandma Gossett out to dinner for her 80th birthday!

Free concerts in the park at Deer Valley!
James was LOVING the band and couldn't stop dancing!

You can't be near Heber without frequent trips to Dairy Keen.
James LOVES this place. The second he opens the door he says CHOO CHOO!
(also the shakes are delicious!)

Sunday picnic in the Uintas with these crazies.

Hiking in the Uintas!
(are you noticing a pattern? we LOVE the Uintas!)

Mirror Lake

James decided to take a swim, so he had to borrow grammy's jacket!

All tuckered out after a 2 mile hike. 
(I only had to carry him for a little bit!)

Shave Ice at Hokulia!

Well there you have it! June has been so much fun. We are loving being in Utah and hanging out with family. We are going to be seriously lonely when we get back to DC!