Monday, June 1, 2015


I'll be honest, May has not been one of my favorite months this year. Aside from feeling incredibly long, it has been quite difficult. When it rains, it pours, right? 

We started off May by saying goodbye to our friends and home in D.C. Living on the East Coast has not been my favorite thing. It is so far away from family and friends in Utah, the culture is so different, being students is rough (and stressful), and most of all, I really hate feeling like I live in a hotel. Trekking groceries and a baby up to the fourth floor is SO not my favorite thing. Not being able to let James run around in a yard just flat out stinks, and parking my car forever away (and paying $50 a month to do so) is lame. 

BUT, all that aside, that dang place has started to grow on me. We have made some really great friends out there, and established a home that is just ours. We both love our callings in our ward, and we have so much fun exploring all of the things the city has to offer. We have grown so much since moving out there and so it was hard to say goodbye (even if it was just for the summer). 

Maybe I should rewind. ::{Rob applied for what felt like a million jobs this summer, but apparently getting a paying job when you are a 1L (first year law student) is really tough. Finally, Rob was offered two jobs around the same time. One was a paying job in D.C. working for a firm who dealt with health insurance claims, the other was an unpaid internship at the ACLU in Utah. Financially, the jobs worked out to be about the same. The amount he would earn at the paying job would pretty much be the amount we would need to pay our bills through the summer in DC, and although the ACLU didn't pay anything, we knew we had awesome family in Utah who would let us live with them for the summer. Keeping that in mind, Rob decided to pick the job that he felt was most valuable for his future, and for his interests. Thus, he picked the ACLU. Rob is interested in litigation, and he felt like interning at the ACLU would give him some experience in that area. Also, anyone who has ever met Rob knows how interested he is in politics, so the ACLU seemed like a perfect fit. Thus the move to Utah.}::

Back to packing up our things. We decided to spend our last few days with our friends since we wouldn't be seeing them for the whole summer. We went to Gravelly Point Park (where we watch the planes fly in and out of DCA), the Zoo, and out to dinner at a place called Cava. (to which I am now addicted). While Rob was finishing up finals, James and I packed the house up to get it ready for the people who would be subleasing our apartment. We were so blessed to be able to find a cute couple from Texas to sublet our place from us, and help us out with the rent.}

 We also had to say goodbye to sweet baby Rory who we babysat on Tuesdays.
(which I called Tuesday's with Rory)
Hopefully we will see her again in the fall!

Once Rob finished his last final, we hit the road for the world's longest road trip. Rob's brother, Adam, and his wife, Emma, live in Canada. They recently had a baby girl, and we knew we just HAD to meet her. So we decided to drive to Canada before coming to Utah for the summer. I was so nervous about driving that long in the car with James (35 hours!), but he actually did really well! We kept him busy with snacks, toys, and LOTS of Sesame Street.

Our first stop was in Chicago, to stay with some really great friends of ours, the Van De Graaff's. While in Chicago we got to go to the Aquarium, and then meet up with our friends Jocey and Spencer for some deep dish pizza! (YUM!)

Our next stop was in Minneapolis, where we both got to visit the Mall of America for the first time. It was so fun, and James really loved riding the rides. It was here that James also dislocated his elbow, and I had to pop it back into place. Blah! Later that night I wanted to give him some Ibuprofen for his elbow, and while I was putting the syringe down James decided to grab the medicine bottle and start guzzling! yikes. After a call to what I like to call the parent fail hotline (poison control) we learned James would be just fine. All's well that ends well. 

Next stop: Carrington, North Dakota. Small town of nothing, but it did have a life-saving playground.

We were so happy to finally make it to Canada and see some familiar faces! While in Canada we visited Banff & Kootenay National Parks. It was so beautiful up there, and we even got to see 11 bears in the wild! They all must have been just coming out of hibernation because we just kept seeing one right after the other.

My attempts at adding videos often fail, but hopefully this video of a bear will work!

We took a dip in the Radium Natural Hot Springs, and James was LOVING it.

And gave lots of love to new baby Addy.

We visited the Calgary Zoo (which totally takes the cake for best zoo ever)

Unfortunately in the middle of our Canada trip I learned my Grandfather passed away, and so James and I had to cut our trip short and catch a flight home in order to be back in time for the funeral. My Grandfather was such an amazing man and I was so glad we could make it back for his funeral. (You can read his obituary here: It was such a wonderful day and it was great to see family I haven't seen in a long time.

Rob and his Mom drove our car down from Canada a few days later. Since getting to Utah we have just been settling in and getting ready for the summer. Rob started his new internship and is loving it so far. James and I get to spend a lot of time with Grandma in the yard and taking walks.

(my Dad put this goofy hat on James because it was raining!)

too sleepy to keep shopping

gummy bear popsicles

We got to visit my Grandma this week and take her out to lunch and shopping. James especially loved helping her pick out clothes.

PS- I totally miss Kneader's!

We got to take the boat out for the maiden voyage this summer as well with Tyler and Lindy! It was such a nice day!

And finally, we ended the month of May on a huge bummer. Our little car, Frank, had his engine die randomly. It turns out there was a faulty part in our engine causing it die at only 62,000 miles and 4 years old. We are trying to convince Hyundai to fix the car seeing as how it was a manufacturing defect, but won't find out more until Monday. It is such a bummer and SO stressful {rewind back to the unpaid internship part of this post} but we are praying for a miracle from the Hyundai people.

Well, there you have it. That's May. It definitely had its ups and downs, but I know we are truly blessed. We have many friends who have had a much more difficult May than we have had, and my heart goes out to them and their families. We continue to pray for each of you!

{also, I clearly need to start blogging more than once a month because this post is LONG!}