Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DC Starling Life

You guys! When did I become such a terrible blogger? Seriously, it has been 6 1/2 months! Because I am far too lazy to write 6 different posts, I am just going to write one, ridiculously long post. Read at your own risk!


I've already posted about most of October, but I left off Halloween! We took James Trick or Treating in Old Town Alexandria. It was so cute there! Crunchy leaves, tons of little kids, colonial buildings, and crisp fall air. It was perfect.


Our first November in DC was interesting. I totally expected the Utah snow and cold, but oddly enough the leaves just started changing in November! It was still pretty mild and James and I were able to continue our morning walks. For Thanksgiving we got together with Dan and Nicole and made our own feast. It was a new experience for Nicole and I, and I'm fairly certain we spent 2 whole days cooking and cleaning. (I'm all for going out next year!)


At the beginning of the month our friends, John & Cassie Fryhoff, invited us to see ICE! at the Gaylord hotel in National Harbor. It was a Frosty the Snowman theme, and everything was made out of ice! It was so fun! They even gave us special parkas to wear because it was so cold in there.

James and I spent most of December in Utah because Rob had finals all. month. long. Rob joined us for the last week, just before Christmas. It was so nice to go home and spend time with family. There was a lot of Christmas shopping, gift delivering, goody baking, sledding, snowboarding, and partying involved! Apologies in advance- this one is a bit of a picture overload.


January meant it was time to go home and be back in DC. Don't get me wrong, we love aspects of being here, but we were definitely missing our family! Rob went back to school, the weather was terrible and cold, and all the partying was over. January only calls for only one picture, and it sums up how we ALL felt about that month.


February is always my favorite month. It's my birthday and Valentine's day which means lots of eating out and lots of pink. It's pretty much the best. Plus its a short winter month. Win Win. Rob took me to this swanky French place in DC for my birthday, which was awesome. On Valentine's Day we spent the evening in Old Town Alexandria for dinner and walking. February also brought a visit from Nicole and Max (which is always the best part of the month), and a few trips to visit DC museums. We also got to have S'mores with Kim!


March brought with it the Starling Flu which lasted a week and hit us all. It was the worst. Luckily the next week was Rob's Spring Break so we headed South to a little resort called Massanutten. We met up with Nicole and Dan at the Water Park and just enjoyed a weekend away from the city. James loved visiting the petting farm there! On the way home we stopped at Luray Caverns and went on a tour, it was so cool! Later in the month we got to visit Oxon Hill Farm with friends!

Phew! I think that catches us up! Hopefully now I can stay on top of blogging each month so I don't have to write these ridiculously long posts! Hope all is well with you and your families!

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