Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Time is starting to go so fast! I don't know about you, but I feel like October-December are the fastest months of the year! {Maybe it's because they are my favorite months!} Lucky for us, November was a bit slower for us than October was. 

We got to start off the month with an ultrasound of baby girl. Here she is at 21.5 weeks!
She was yawning constantly {apparently its tough work being in there!}, and refused to cooperate with the technicians. She was measuring a little bit small, but nothing to be worried about.
We love her so much already!

With this pregnancy I am constantly craving sugar, more specifically, chocolate.
My little chocoholic son will never say no to a trip to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
They should really think about doing punch cards there...

Sadly, James had his last music class. It was so much fun for him, and so good for him to have a little social interaction. We are in search of a new class for the winter! {Maybe little gym?!}

James is obsessed with sunglasses. Unfortunately he broke these last week and I am fairly certain I will NEVER hear the end of it.

Our weather has been absolutely beautiful! Seriously, you would have no idea it was November. I'll take all the 65 degree days I can get before we head to Utah!

I started piecing together a quilt for baby girl at the beginning of the month
 and just finished it today!
Now I am ready to take it to Utah with me so my mom can work her magic on the quilting part!

A little update about James:
-He can count from 1 to 10
-ALMOST has all of his ABC's down
-Has definitely entered the terrible two's 
(he flushed half a roll of toilet paper the other day...)
-He loves playing with his friend, Jayson
-Loves to jump off of EVERYTHING
-Loves to help me with chores (especially wiping everything down with baby wipes)

Rob bought me flowers-
he's the best

We have started stocking up on diapers for baby girl.
(How cute are the Honest Co. diapers?!)
With James we stocked up on fun stuff, with this baby we stock up on diapers. 
I think we learned a lesson or two about parenting... haha.

And finally, Rob's Mum and sisters came to visit for a week from England!
It was quite the ordeal, Ruth wanted to surprise Sarah and Rhonda, and Sarah and Rhonda wanted to surprise Rob! I kept forgetting who knew who all was coming! 

Here is a fun video of Rhonda and Sarah getting surprised by Ruth.
Poor Sarah started crying!

We went to see ICE! at National Harbor. It was so fun again this year
(although standing in line for two hours definitely has me rethinking doing it again next year...)

James loved going down all of the ice slides

We went for a walk in Old Town Alexandria and fed the ducks.
I would do this everyday if I could- Its so much fun there!

Ruth & Sarah
(Sarah is expecting a baby two months after we are! 
They will be so close in age- how fun for cousins!)

And of course we had Thanksgiving dinner! A huge thank you to Rhonda for making most of the food. I had warned her I don't cook turkeys, and she did such a good job with it!
James loved eating all the food!

Our dinner was a little bit of an American-British mix. Rhonda made stuffing, gravy, turkey, roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings, while I made green bean casserole, rolls, corn, and pumpkin pie!

We went to the National Botanical Gardens and checked out the train display.
James was a huge fan of this! They also had models of some of the local buildings made out of twigs and leaves! I love this one of the Capitol Building.

And of course, we had to take Rob's family out for burgers {its an American tradition}
So we visited Good Stuff Eatery. Mmmm. So delicious.

We had such a fun month celebrating family, 
and being grateful for all that we have been blessed with!
Having people come to visit is the best!
{So everyone come visit us!}

What we are looking forward to:
-Trip to Utah in 5 days! {Kneader's here we come!}
-Rob being out of school for almost a whole month! Hooray!!
-Trip to Canada for New Year's Eve
-Santa Claus!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


October is one of my favorite months of the year. There is just something so wonderful about fall, kids in halloween costumes and crisp leaves. I love it all. This October was also a busy one for us, so be prepared for a very large photo dump. In hindsight this should have been multiple posts, but alas, this is what you get.

We started off the month with general conference, which is always so nice.
James even made it through half of the sessions with a few pooh bear snuggles.

And then there was the great hurricane scare of 2015. No hurricane but we did get A LOT of rain.
Which called for us desert dwellers to go get some rain boots!

We had a few trips to the zoo...
One in which we discovered an entire bird exhibit we had never seen before.
We love exploring the zoo with friends!

Pumpkin painting:

And visited the zoo again with dada!
This time we discovered the big fish and the bird eating spiders... yikes!

We went on a date (all three of us)... haha, and James was actually GOOD at the restaurant!

We celebrated Rory's birthday, and James pretty much commandeered the car for the night!

We went on a Sunday drive and found the most beautiful park on the Potomac.
It was a beautiful day and one of the last truly warm days of the year.

We celebrated Rob's birthday by starting off the morning with a "full English breakfast" and then a walk around old town Alexandria. We discovered this train table at a cute toy store, and
James will never be the same. 

And then there was the great flood of 2015.
In which our upstairs neighbors put WAY too much soap in their washer and it flooded our apartment.
James thought the fans were pretty awesome though!

James has enjoyed going to his weekly music class-
he especially likes the drums!

And then we had our gender reveal for baby #2:

Hopefully this video works so you all can see it!

We were so surprised to find out we will be having a baby GIRL!

Then we got REALLY lucky and Grandma & Papa came to visit!
We had so much fun with them (even though the weather was randomly cold that week),
and got to do a TON of fun fall things.

We visited Cox Farms where we got to play on huge slides, hay bales, hay rides, mazes, pick pumpkins, pet animals, and drink hot chocolate!

We also took Grandma & Papa to James' favorite place:
the zoo.

We visited the farmers market in old town Alexandria and then stopped
to feed the ducks some goldfish
(it only seemed appropriate!)

We took a drive down George Washington Memorial Parkway 
to Mount Vernon and stopped at some parks along the way.

James was loving this BIG dog!

We took another drive down Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Valley.
The leaves and the views were breathtaking!

World's most unflattering picture:
But this kid totally cracks me up! 
(long drives call for doughnut stops!)

We enjoyed dinner at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers
and then took a walk around the harbor

We had a southern dinner in National Harbor and then rode the 
Capitol Wheel
Papa was even brave the entire time!

Papa made us visit some monuments-
he just can't resist.
This is the Air Force monument.

And then we tragically had to say goodbye to Grandma & Papa for a few more months!
James had grandparent hangover for at least a week.
We love them so much and they spoiled us rotten!

Next up: James' Birthday!
James' birthday fell on a day he had music class, we decided to bring some 
birthday treats to share!
Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse sugar cookies?!

And then we went and visited Dada at school for lunch!
James loves hanging out with the law students!

We went to dinner at Cafe Rio and then came home for some cake & presents!

Here is a video of us singing to James:

James also got this new lawn mower from his Utah cousins!
He loves taking pooh bear for rides in it!

{If you are feeling particularly nostalgic you can read 

Trunk or Treat at the church:
James actually participated in the costume parade! 
(he's usually too shy for things like that!)

Our trunk:

And finally, Halloween iteslf.
Halloween is seriously one of my very favorite holidays, but this year James and I ended up with the flu so there was no trick or treating to be had! Such a bummer. My flu landed me in L&D for a good six hours while they pumped me full of fluids. James toughed his out like a rockstar! After the hospital stint we came home and made James' favorite snack, popcorn, and watched Hotel Transylvania.

I'm so glad we are doing much better, but here's hoping to a better Halloween next year!

What we are looking forward to:
-Nicole, Max & Will coming up to play!
-Nana visiting from England for Thanksgiving!
-Thanksgiving!! (YUM)
-Our trip to Utah for the holidays!