Friday, August 29, 2014

England: Part 3- Josie's & London

Well, here are the remaining pictures from our trip!
After 4 wonderful weeks in Ireland, Spain, & England 
it was time to say our goodbyes.

We ended our trip by visiting Josie's house

Her house is beautiful!
I believe she said it was built around 1580, 
but I am terrible at dates so I hope I remembered correctly!

We had a wonderful time hanging out by the pool and then we had a delicious dinner

The house from the front
Josie mow's this whole lawn by herself- 
totally impressive considering you can't even see half of it in this picture!

Oh, and we also got to see this AMAZING sunset

Rob & I planned a day we could spend some time without James.
It was the longest I have been away from him since he was born
(about 6 hours haha)
We took the train into London to see Phantom of the Opera (Rob let me choose!)

Pre-show excitement!

The stage!

We also visited Auntie Carol on Canvey Island, but I totally suck and for some reason
only have this one picture of James and Rob jumping on the tramp!

We had such a fun trip and are sooo grateful for all of the people who made it possible!
So long England, until next time!

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