Friday, August 29, 2014

England: Part 2- Ruthie's House

When we got home from Spain we went straight to Ruth's house.
Ruth lives near Hitchin. 
It was beautiful there. I think I told Rob about a million times I could live there.
There was beautiful green countryside and then a cute little town where we had afternoon tea.

Also by Ruth's house is Woburn Abbey. The Duke and his family still live there, but they let you go around the gardens, safari park, and tour parts of the house.
James had SO much fun looking at all of the animals in the safari park.

Things got a little wild when we went in the monkey enclosure...

I loved this baby monkey!

Petting an Elephant

An albino Kangaroo-
that was a first for me

The garden at Woburn Abbey

Lunch in the Duchess' Tea Room

Picnic in Safari Park (these were separate days)

Woburn Abbey from the front

On the way home we got to pass all of these cute little houses.
I love them.
Can I live here?!

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