Sunday, August 10, 2014

England: Part 1

After our day in Dublin, we went to stay with Rob's mom for 5 days before leaving for Spain. Those 5 days were jam packed with fun stuff! 

Our first day was spent catching up on jet lag and running a few errands.
James' pram wheels had lost a bit of air from the flight and so we went around town 
trying to find a place we could buy a bike pump from. In the end, we decided to stop in and 
ask at a mechanic shop, and sure enough, they were happy to help little James out!

walking along the sea front by Rob's house

of course, there were fish and chips involved. sorry, I forgot to take a picture before I ate it.

Rob's little brother, Seb, was graduating from school and so we got to go spend the day at his school for Speech Day. 

We watched the prize ceremony, where Seb won a prize given to the head of the drum corps. It was cool because Rob had won this same prize when he was in school. Afterward we got to hear a speech from the CEO of Marks & Spencer- so cool! The day continued with a picnic, chapel, and then packing up Seb's stuff! 

Congrats Sebbie!

Rob and 3 of his siblings (missing Adam)
Sebbie wearing all of his number ones with drum gear.

On Sunday we went to Kentwell Hall, where they were doing a "back in time" event.
The year was supposedly 1578. There were TONS of people volunteering there as actors being everything from soldiers to royals. The people were supposedly preparing for a visit from the queen, so they had a lot of other "royal" people visiting and camping out in tents. It was quite the production! Everyone did a great job of staying in character. At the door we had to change our modern money for old money, and inside we had so much fun talking to all of the different people and walking around the grounds. We even got to taste flap jacks!

It was a bit rainy, but this little guy had fun anyway
(always has his lion with him from Aunt Lindy)

In front of Kentwell hall, apparently James felt the need to lounge and put one of his feet up.

Sebbie learning how to use the weapons

the kitchen maids were making lunch for the Lord

Rob getting a coat of arms made from the local coat of arms guy

in the courtyard with Tyler, our nephew

so beautiful there

poor Sebbie.

mmm... flap jacks. I love these things!

the secret garden

It was a crazy couple of days and then we packed our bags again 
to head out for some fun in the sun in Spain!

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