Friday, August 8, 2014


Top o' the morning to ya! 

Rob and I had been planning to spend the summer in England with his family for about a year. We had been searching for affordable flights, but flights to England were just SO expensive (about $1800/piece), which we could not afford. We started googling other options and found out that it was often cheaper to fly in to another city and then take a Ryanair flight to London. So, we kept our eyes peeled, and eventually found a flight (seriously like 3 weeks before we left!) that flew in to Dublin, and then a £20 flight to London. At only $1200/piece this flight was much more affordable for us. The only downside (or upside) was that we had an 8 hour layover in Dublin in what would be the middle of the night for us back at home. We decided to book it because I have always wanted to see Ireland, so this seemed like a win-win! 

And so began our adventure...

waiting to board at the San Francisco Airport

I was a little nervous to fly with James on an international flight. He would only be 8 months old, and our longest leg was 10 hours long. But, to my surprise, he was awesome! He was such a trooper and learned how to sleep on a plane (something his mama still has to master). 

The nice thing about flying with Aer Lingus is that they will upgrade you to the bassinet seats for free (if you call ahead and they aren't already taken). These seats ROCK for multiple reasons. Obviously one is the fact that your baby gets this nice little cardboard box to sleep in, the other is that these seats are right behind the bulkhead and so they have more leg room. Double score.
At first, James thought the box was a fun toy- eventually though he fell asleep. 
Thank Goodness.

We arrived in Dublin at around 8 am Dublin time and had to find a place to store our luggage while we went out sight seeing. We found a place across the street from the airport and then decided to take a hop on hop off bus tour since we were too tired to walk around the city.

The architecture was beautiful.

One of our stops was at Dublin Castle.

This is a picture of how poor Rob had to travel in Dublin. He had James strapped to his front and the car seat strapped to his back. Haha. Which ended up being great because James slept in his carseat for about 2 hours while we were sight seeing.

I love James' face in this picture. haha. 
He obviously loves Dublin.

I had to take a picture of this because I thought it was so funny. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or something but for some reason these school children just looked so deformed, or maybe like an old man walking a young girl to school? 

Riding on our big blue bus.

One of the stops was at the Guinness storehouse. We didn't get off here but apparently there was free alcohol involved because the people who got back on the bus were LOVING Dublin.

Apparently though, Sir Arthur Guinness signed a lease for the Guinness property in 1759 for an annual rent of £45, for 9,000 years. Supposedly this lease remained valid for many years. Guinness now owns the property outright so the lease is no longer in effect. Seems like a great deal though huh!

The whole sleepy family in front of Dublin Castle

Dublin was a lot of fun. We had a great time taking the bus around, seeing the sights, and listening to the bus driver sing old Irish tunes. In the evening we hopped on a flight to London and in just 3 short hours we were home in our beds! 

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