Thursday, August 28, 2014

Adventures in Spain: Part 2

Sorry for the picture overload!
It was just so beautiful there it was hard to choose between pictures...

A beautiful sunset one night:

Ruth, Seb & Sarah decided it was really hot sleeping in the villa, 
so they decided to build a fort and sleep on the roof a few nights!

Dinner on the beach as a family:

(please ignore my no-makeup face. 
I had food poisoning the night before 
so I wasn't feeling so great this day)


James' precious little foot prints.
His first time on the beach

I tried to get a picture of one of the lemon trees
They were everywhere!

One day we went into Murcia
(the nearest big city to us)

The Starling family in Murcia

World's cutest selfie

Beautiful cathedral

The 3 boys hanging out at the mall
while the girls shopped

Remember how I said the grocery store was an adventure?
Well, here ya go.
A whole new meaning to fresh seafood.

(these were still alive!)

Also, there were pig legs everywhere.
Not wrapped. Not cold.
Just imagine the smell in that aisle!

BBQ with the neighbors one night

taking a boat ride on the Mediterranean

James & Auntie Ruthie having trouble deciding what to have for lunch

We had SO much fun in Spain. It was a wonderful, relaxing, and adventurous trip!
We are so grateful that Tor and Josie let us borrow their villa!
Thanks again for a great trip!

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