Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adventures in Spain: Part 1

This summer we spent 2 beautiful weeks in Spain. 
We are so blessed to have awesome friends who let us borrow their villa in Villa Martin.
It was such a fun Starling Family vacation. 
As always there was way too much food, just as much laughing, and adventures for days.

This is a pre-plane selfie. 
Just a short 2.5 hour flight took us from London to Murcia, the closest airport to the villa. 
What these happy people don't know is that an ENTIRE can of formula is about to explode all over their luggage and car seat. ;) FYI: humidity makes everything extra sticky.

One of our main activities in Spain was chilling. We did QUITE a bit of this.
Here is a picture of my favorite little pool-side bum.

Here is a picture of the neighborhood. Six of these villas share two pools.
We became friends with most of the neighbors while we were there. 

We got to watch the most amazing sunsets pretty much every night we were there.

We had a washer but laundry went up on the roof to dry. It took about half of the time a dryer would because it was so nice and warm there. Hanging the clothes out to dry was actually one of my favorite things because you could see beautiful views in every direction. 

This is the back balcony. Many fun times, dinners and games were had here.
Let it be known that this is where I kicked everyone's butts in poker.

My two cuties at the pool

James & mama

James actually preferred to float in this big boat then the 
cute little Nemo one we bough especially for him.
Go figure.

Checking out some local markets. 
Although James looks asleep in this picture, I assure you he was awake. 

One day we took Josie's recommendation to try out a particular restaurant for lunch.
it. was. delicious.

Not to mention I finally got to try tapas!

James loves hummus.

We even got to see flamenco dancers

In order to get to the restaurant you drive through orange and lemon groves up this tiny, winding street.
When you get to the top you walk up the stairs, past this beautiful church, to the restaurant.
It was such a gorgeous setting and a great meal.

Walking along the Mediterranean coast

We stopped for ice cream. Sarah's was epic. 
Just looking at this picture is making my mouth water and I want it right. now.

My view for about 2 weeks straight.

James loved grocery shopping in Spain.
it was full of surprises. ;)
more pictures of that later...

One day everyone went to Terra Mittica, a theme park located near the villa.
Obviously James and I didn't go, so Rhonda was kind enough to stay back with us.
Then she took us to lunch on the beach.

We came back and went for a swim.
James loves his Nan.


James snuggling Sebbie.
two things are amazing about this.
1. James never snuggles anyone. Not even me. Not even for bottles.
2. It was like a million degrees and he still wanted to snuggle.
James really loves his Uncle Sebbie

The villa has these beautiful Spanish tiles everywhere.
I love it!

AH! Posting these pictures is torture because I want to go back RIGHT NOW!
More Spain pictures to come soon!

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