Friday, August 29, 2014

England: Part 3- Josie's & London

Well, here are the remaining pictures from our trip!
After 4 wonderful weeks in Ireland, Spain, & England 
it was time to say our goodbyes.

We ended our trip by visiting Josie's house

Her house is beautiful!
I believe she said it was built around 1580, 
but I am terrible at dates so I hope I remembered correctly!

We had a wonderful time hanging out by the pool and then we had a delicious dinner

The house from the front
Josie mow's this whole lawn by herself- 
totally impressive considering you can't even see half of it in this picture!

Oh, and we also got to see this AMAZING sunset

Rob & I planned a day we could spend some time without James.
It was the longest I have been away from him since he was born
(about 6 hours haha)
We took the train into London to see Phantom of the Opera (Rob let me choose!)

Pre-show excitement!

The stage!

We also visited Auntie Carol on Canvey Island, but I totally suck and for some reason
only have this one picture of James and Rob jumping on the tramp!

We had such a fun trip and are sooo grateful for all of the people who made it possible!
So long England, until next time!

England: Part 2- Ruthie's House

When we got home from Spain we went straight to Ruth's house.
Ruth lives near Hitchin. 
It was beautiful there. I think I told Rob about a million times I could live there.
There was beautiful green countryside and then a cute little town where we had afternoon tea.

Also by Ruth's house is Woburn Abbey. The Duke and his family still live there, but they let you go around the gardens, safari park, and tour parts of the house.
James had SO much fun looking at all of the animals in the safari park.

Things got a little wild when we went in the monkey enclosure...

I loved this baby monkey!

Petting an Elephant

An albino Kangaroo-
that was a first for me

The garden at Woburn Abbey

Lunch in the Duchess' Tea Room

Picnic in Safari Park (these were separate days)

Woburn Abbey from the front

On the way home we got to pass all of these cute little houses.
I love them.
Can I live here?!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

James is 10 months!

I cannot believe our little man will be 
in 2 months!
How the heck do I have an almost 1 year old?!
This past month has been awesome.... seriously my favorite age!
(although I say that about every age...)

Stats: 21.4 pounds & 30 inches long

Eating: James has refused to eat baby food &/or pureed food.
He only wants to eat what we are eating.
Some new favorites are: blueberries, waffles, cheese, turkey, tortillas, 
lasagna, spaghetti, rice, mixed veggies, & strawberries.
Takes 4-5 6 oz bottles of formula per day

Sleeping: Y A Y! Our little man is officially sleeping through the night!
Once we moved I tried putting him on a schedule and it has worked wonders.
I got LOTS of advice from my awesome sister and now James has a regular schedule.
He sleeps 12 hours at night and takes 2 1.5 hour naps per day.

Milestones: At 10 months James can: crawl, clap, play patty-cake, 
wave hello, give high-fives, pull himself to a standing position, walk around furniture,
open cupboards, dance to music, shake his head no-no, & climb up stairs

Fun Facts: Loves laughing, teasing, being chased around the house, 
getting into everything, swinging at the park, taking walks, 
animals (especially dogs), jumping, hiding, 
playing with soft things (blankets, pillows, the bed) & squealing at the top of his lungs.
Hates being dressed, riding in his carseat, wearing hats & being told "no"

Wearing: Size 3 diapers, 9-12 month clothing & size 3 shoes

What We Are Looking Forward To: Exploring our new home in Virginia,
mama being at home, his first birthday & a visit from Grandma and Grandpa!

Adventures in Spain: Part 2

Sorry for the picture overload!
It was just so beautiful there it was hard to choose between pictures...

A beautiful sunset one night:

Ruth, Seb & Sarah decided it was really hot sleeping in the villa, 
so they decided to build a fort and sleep on the roof a few nights!

Dinner on the beach as a family:

(please ignore my no-makeup face. 
I had food poisoning the night before 
so I wasn't feeling so great this day)


James' precious little foot prints.
His first time on the beach

I tried to get a picture of one of the lemon trees
They were everywhere!

One day we went into Murcia
(the nearest big city to us)

The Starling family in Murcia

World's cutest selfie

Beautiful cathedral

The 3 boys hanging out at the mall
while the girls shopped

Remember how I said the grocery store was an adventure?
Well, here ya go.
A whole new meaning to fresh seafood.

(these were still alive!)

Also, there were pig legs everywhere.
Not wrapped. Not cold.
Just imagine the smell in that aisle!

BBQ with the neighbors one night

taking a boat ride on the Mediterranean

James & Auntie Ruthie having trouble deciding what to have for lunch

We had SO much fun in Spain. It was a wonderful, relaxing, and adventurous trip!
We are so grateful that Tor and Josie let us borrow their villa!
Thanks again for a great trip!