Friday, July 25, 2014

9 Months Old!

I cannot believe that James is already 9 months old! Time had gone by so fast. It is crazy to think that in just 3 short months he will be turning 1 year old! This month was crazy for us. We finished up moving out of our house and then headed off to Europe to spend a month with Rob's family. We were in Engkand for about 2 weeks and Spain for about 2 weeks with a day in Ireland on each end of our trip. Expect blog posts about that trip in the future, when we are settled in to our new place and I have time to dig out the real camera and my computer. For now, here is an update on James!
Sleeping in his bassinet box on the plane 

Stats: 18 lbs 12.5 oz (35%), 28.25 in (85%), 45.5 cm head (65%)

Sleep: all of James' routines have been crazy since we were across the world. He had some trouble adjusting to the time change but did fairly well for the most part. While we were gone he woke up every 3 hours at night again. I didn't dare let him cry it out because people live so close together and I didn't want all the neighbors hating us. Since we have been home I let him cry it out one night and now he is sleeping 9 hours at night without waking up! This is a huge improvement for us! We are working on getting up to 12.

Getting his pram worked on by a mechanic haha

Eating: this poor kid has had about every type of formula and food on the planet. He has tried both English and Spanish formula, and luckily didn't seem to notice a difference in the change. We had to get a little creative with the baby food in Europe though because they don't make just veggie ones, so James started eating meats a bit early. He also started eating more table food. Some of his current favorite foods are: Ella's Kitchen packets (pretty much all of them!), blueberries, bread, sweet potatoes, and potatoes. He hates eating his veggies in table food form and prefers them puréed, whereas he prefers his fruit in table form and dislikes the purées. We have also learned he is now preferring to have his dinner heated up whereas before he didn't mind. This little dude also loves water. He seriously cannot get enough.

-standing with assistance or holding on to furniture
-picking up small items off the floor (we have started to vacuum more frequently)
-feeding himself 
-shaking his head "no no no" 

Things I do that drive mama nuts:
- high pitched squealing. It's seriously the worst. 
- not focusing when it's time to eat 
-avoiding naps
-throwing stuff on the floor so mom will pick it up

Things that mama does that drive me nuts: 
-putting me in the car seat and going in the car
-telling me "no"
-trying to help feed me when I can feed myself
-not getting my lunch or dinner fast enough

James and grandma Rhonda swimming in Spain 

Checking out cathedrals with dada in Spain 

Fun Facts:
-he has learned how to tease and laugh. One morning I was trying to make him laugh by pulling all sorts of funny faces. He just stared at me for about 30 seconds without blinking and finally I stopped pulling faces. To which he responded by laughing hysterically. 
-he is a dare devil. Jumped on the tramp with dad for the first time and loved it
-has successfully flown on 12 flights (with two more coming up this week!)
-has learned how to sleep without being in the pitch black
-stuck his toes in the Mediterranean ocean
-got three new stamps in his passport
-met lots of different people from lots of different countries
-pet an elephant
-saw lots of wild animals and LOVES all animals 
-went swimming ALOT
-tans much better than his mama (thank heaven!)
-ate a flower (on accident) 

Watching boats on the Mediterranean 

8 months old! (Written one month late)

We have been SO busy this summer and I have been such a slacker when it comes to blogging. Here is James' 8 month update!

(No monthly picture this month because I already packed up his stickers!)

Stats: (approximate) 19 lbs, 29 inches long

Sleep: STILL not sleeping through the night. That is all we will say on the subject.

Eating: enjoys eating green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, ice cream (don't judge). He still has days where he would rather not eat any food and just wants bottles. He takes 4-5 oz bottles every 4 hours.

Milestones: crawling! This little guy is fast and busy. He likes to find everything he knows he isn't supposed to have, such as cords, remotes, books, etc. We have started giving him bits of table food, some days he does better than others. I'm always paranoid he is going to choke! He has started to get up on his knees by holding on to furniture. 

Fun facts: 
- James helped us get ready for our first ever move to DC. He seemed really flustered that we were going to leave him or something, so he spent the day following me around the apartment.
-enjoys going on walks and being outside
-likes being out of the house and seeing new things 
-loves meeting people and smiles at everyone he sees 
-visited grandma and grandpa Gossett
-went baiting with grandma and grandpa Meeks