Sunday, May 11, 2014


This past week Rob and I went to Washington D.C. for the first time. We decided this would probably be a good idea seeing as how we will be moving there this fall! I swear these past 3 years of Rob finishing up his undergraduate degree have gone so slowly until now. All of a sudden things are going so fast and I just can't keep up with them! Rob applied to law schools last fall, right about the time James was born (talk about stressful)! He was accepted at George Washington, Boston College, University of Washington, The University of Texas, and Georgetown. He has been wait listed at Cornell, Chicago, Northwestern, and Duke. It was a hard decision trying to decide which school would be the best for Rob's future, as well as for our little family. I was pulling for Texas because that is where my sister lives, but for whatever reason we feel like Washington, D.C. is where we need to be. 

My best friend from growing up, Nicole, currently lives in Washington and she was so gracious to let us come spend a few days with them and get to know the city, as well as find housing. We looked through soooo many places. Seriously I was starting to get so over it. We saw places of all types: some garden style, some high-rises, some town houses, you name it and we saw it. All of the places were good but it was hard to find somewhere within our price range and that was the right size for our little family. We finally found a place we loved the best, which happened to be in a high-rise building (totally not what I was expecting). We think it will be perfect! We got to spend the rest of our time in DC hanging out with our friends and exploring our new city!

starting out on James' first flight- 
he was loving the little TV's in the backs of the seats

Our New Place:

washer & dryer in unit!! WOOT WOOT 
no more laundromat for me!

Our new dining room
likely going to be used as an office/music space

call me old fashioned, but I am so excited there
is a little vanity part so I can sit and do my makeup!

We are hoping we end up with a higher floor so we can 
see views of downtown D.C.


Roof top gym

My man baby-wearing while scoping out apartments

Obviously, space comes at a huge premium in DC. We will be living in Alexandria, Virginia; about a 40 minute metro ride from Rob's school. (Even in Alexandria we are paying through our nose for our new little place. Totally different from what we are used to in Provo)

these little guys were such troopers for 2 straight
days of being stuck in the car driving between apartments

We got to go into the city to check out the law school

best buddies, Max (1) and James (6 months)

being tourists and seeing the Capitol

the boys got LOTS of play time in

The Senate building

Inside one of the many libraries

Out to dinner at good eats
-seriously BEST milkshake of my life!-

Little man on the flight home-
he was a perfect angel the whole time

We had such a fun trip and are so grateful for Nicole and Dan's hospitality. The worst part of all of this is that they will be moving away from DC in the fall to go to grad school. We are totally bummed! But at least we will now be on the same side of the country so hopefully we can hang out a little more!

Thanks for a great time guys, 
ready or not, here we come DC!!

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  1. Yay for Alexandria! You will grow to love it :)