Monday, March 3, 2014

James turns 4 months old!

My Stats: 15 lbs 9 oz (50%), 27.5 inches long (99%), and 42.5 head circumference (73%)

Sleep: goodness me. I am still only sleeping in about 3 hour stretches. I did one 4.5 hour stretch last week and mom and dad were over the moon excited! Little did they know I was just teasing them! They have tried everything from dark rooms to bigger bottles but I just won't have any of it. I like to sleep in my pac n' play with my winnie the pooh sound machine on. I fall asleep fastest with a bottle and mommy singing primary songs. A few of my favorites are, "I'm trying to be like Jesus," and "I feel my Savior's love." I like to take cat naps during the day- only about 30 minutes at a time. The doctor says it is time to start doing a little "tough love" and let me whine for 5-10 minutes at night and then try soothing for an hour before giving a bottle. Its going to be a long week!

Eating: I haven't been a very big fan of eating lately. I only eat about 3-4 ounces 3x during the day. I like to do most of my eating at night. Still having mostly breast milk with occasional formula. Mom and dad try to give me bigger bottles but I still only take what I want.

I cry: I have cried less this last month now that mom and dad are finally getting the hang of when (& how) to put me down for naps. 

My favorite people: I still love my daddy a lot! (I see him the most during the day). I love seeing mama on the weekends and when I am going to sleep. I love grandma and grandpa Jensen, they always bring a smile to my face! I smile at most people if they smile at me first! I love seeing new faces and places! I love ichatting with nana in England and visiting grandma and grandpa Meeks in Midway.

Milestones: This month I have mastered grabbing things (as well as throwing them), and rolling from my back to my stomach. I am just barely starting to notice my feet and I try to grab them occasionally. I can transfer objects from one hand to the other. I sit up with assistance and in my Bumbo. Here is a video of me rolling over! Mom didn't catch the first time on video, but this is the second time. I practice every day and I am getting much better!

What people say about me: Everyone keeps telling mama how much I am starting to look like her. They say I am really happy and friendly. I like to flirt with the ladies.

Fun facts:
- I like to be thrown up into the air. It puts the biggest smile on my face.
- I like to play with blankets and have them pulled gently over my face.
- I still love to bounce.
- I applied for my first passport so I can go see daddy's home this summer. It will be a big adventure!
- I love chatting with mom and dad, especially in the car and in the morning.
- I am not a huge fan of the car unless mom is riding next to me. Dad has turned into a chauffeur 
- I love hearing mama's voice through the phone when grandma is babysitting me 

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