Monday, March 3, 2014

James turns 4 months old!

My Stats: 15 lbs 9 oz (50%), 27.5 inches long (99%), and 42.5 head circumference (73%)

Sleep: goodness me. I am still only sleeping in about 3 hour stretches. I did one 4.5 hour stretch last week and mom and dad were over the moon excited! Little did they know I was just teasing them! They have tried everything from dark rooms to bigger bottles but I just won't have any of it. I like to sleep in my pac n' play with my winnie the pooh sound machine on. I fall asleep fastest with a bottle and mommy singing primary songs. A few of my favorites are, "I'm trying to be like Jesus," and "I feel my Savior's love." I like to take cat naps during the day- only about 30 minutes at a time. The doctor says it is time to start doing a little "tough love" and let me whine for 5-10 minutes at night and then try soothing for an hour before giving a bottle. Its going to be a long week!

Eating: I haven't been a very big fan of eating lately. I only eat about 3-4 ounces 3x during the day. I like to do most of my eating at night. Still having mostly breast milk with occasional formula. Mom and dad try to give me bigger bottles but I still only take what I want.

I cry: I have cried less this last month now that mom and dad are finally getting the hang of when (& how) to put me down for naps. 

My favorite people: I still love my daddy a lot! (I see him the most during the day). I love seeing mama on the weekends and when I am going to sleep. I love grandma and grandpa Jensen, they always bring a smile to my face! I smile at most people if they smile at me first! I love seeing new faces and places! I love ichatting with nana in England and visiting grandma and grandpa Meeks in Midway.

Milestones: This month I have mastered grabbing things (as well as throwing them), and rolling from my back to my stomach. I am just barely starting to notice my feet and I try to grab them occasionally. I can transfer objects from one hand to the other. I sit up with assistance and in my Bumbo. Here is a video of me rolling over! Mom didn't catch the first time on video, but this is the second time. I practice every day and I am getting much better!

What people say about me: Everyone keeps telling mama how much I am starting to look like her. They say I am really happy and friendly. I like to flirt with the ladies.

Fun facts:
- I like to be thrown up into the air. It puts the biggest smile on my face.
- I like to play with blankets and have them pulled gently over my face.
- I still love to bounce.
- I applied for my first passport so I can go see daddy's home this summer. It will be a big adventure!
- I love chatting with mom and dad, especially in the car and in the morning.
- I am not a huge fan of the car unless mom is riding next to me. Dad has turned into a chauffeur 
- I love hearing mama's voice through the phone when grandma is babysitting me 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Playing catch up!

I have totally neglected my blog lately. Life has been so crazy and so wonderful all at the same time. We have enjoyed many family walks lately now that the sun came out! Rob has been busy snowboarding at Sundance, working, and playing with James. I have been busy working, cleaning, (endless baby laundry) and playing with James. We are in the midst of hearing back from law schools for this fall, but haven't made any final decisions yet. We know we will either be moving to Austin, Washington DC, or Chicago though, so I would call that progress! We are planning our trip this summer to visit family in England, while also getting ready to move/sell most of our furniture. Life has been so crazy but we feel so blessed to be where we are. We are surrounded by wonderful family and friends here in Utah and we will be so sad to leave them. Utah has been our home for the past 4 years and it will be a bittersweet goodbye. 

here are a few of the things we have been up to this past month:

we visited grandma and grandpa gossett in tooele- 
where many fun times & sweets were to be had

we went to the parade of homes in st. george
-where this little guy NEEDED sunglasses

one of my favorite houses-
i just love the birds!

we applied for james' passport
(well almost)
apparently the contrast on his picture isn't good enough
so we need to get it done again.

shopping for sunglasses at baby gap
(he is such a ham with glasses on)

out to dinner in park city 
at billy blanco's

catching the world's BIGGEST spider in our house
(you could even see it's eyes- don't worry we googled it and it isn't venemous)

going to the BYU rugby game to help daddy sell shirts
and cheer on daddy's old teammates