Monday, February 3, 2014

James turns 3 months!!

I can't believe how fast time is going by!! Our little man turned 3 months old on January 28th, and we are just loving how much he is changing every day!

My Stats: 15.1 pounds, 25 inches long

Sleep: I am still giving mom and dad a run for their money and only sleep in 3 hour stretches at night. During the day I hardly sleep at all! I occasionally take naps, but nothing regular or lengthy. Mom started reading "Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child," so we will see if that helps. Tricks to get me asleep: binky, and rocking in the car seat.

Eating: still eating 3.5-4 oz every 3 hours around the clock. 

I cry: more often lately because I am so over tired. 

My favorite people: I love watching my daddy! Mom says I have a cry just for her that sounds like "mamama"

Milestones: grabbing on to things and holding them, blowing raspberries, laughing, using my bumbo, sticking everything in my mouth!!! (Especially my hands!)

Fun facts:
- I went swimming for the first time (it's hard to tell if I liked it because it was so cold!)
- I was babysat for the first time by Grandpa so mom and dad could go to the temple for the night.
- I love snuggling in mom and dads bed in the morning