Sunday, January 12, 2014

James turns 2 months old!

I tuned 2 months old on December 28, 2013 (my second Christmas, with the Meeks!)

My Stats: 12 lbs 8.5 oz, 25 inches long, 40 cm head circumference

Sleep: Mostly 3 hour stretches at night (I am just starting to transition to sleeping in my own bed); I always fight going to sleep during the day, I love sleeping in my car seat

Eating: generally 3.5-4 oz (occasionally 5) during the day and 2.5-3 at night

My Favorite Things: My new gym from grandma and grandpa, my head being rubbed, smiling at 8 am, big heavy blankets, tummy time mat, practicing crawling, bouncing, baths, black and white contrast, TV and Ipad screens, constantly moving and seeing everything!

I Cry: when my bottle is empty, during burps, when I am tired, when I am hungry

My Favorite People: everyone, unless I am really angry and then I want my daddy

Milestones: smiling, fixate and following across the room, copy other's facial expressions, gripping and cooing

Fun Facts:
- I am starting to go bald
- I lift my legs when I poop
- Mom and dad still don't know what my eye color will be
-I have HUGE feet
-I got my nails trimmed for the first time
-I like to hang my head sideways
-I am still very light sensitive
-Had my first medication (Tylenol after shots)
-I always have cold hands and feet, but a warm heart!

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