Tuesday, January 7, 2014

James turns 1 month old!

Sorry, still playing catch up. On the bright side, I am getting closer to being up to date! In November (on Thanksgiving to be exact) our little man turned 1 month old! Time has flown by so quickly and he is growing so fast! I just want to push pause all the time so we can love on him more!

1 Month:

My Stats: 10 pounds, 1 oz; 23 inches long; 38 cm head circumference

Sleep: I mostly sleep in 3 hour stretches, ALWAYS in mom & dad's bed

Eating: I eat way more than I should (just ask my doctor!). I take about 3.5-4 oz every 2 hours during the day and every 3 hours at night. I take 2 oz of breast milk and 1.5-2 oz of formula (pre-mixed Similac).

My Favorite Things: Geoffrey (my wubbanub binky), milk, snuggling (especially on daddy's chest), baths, sleeping in mom & dad's bed, walking in my pram, lights (but not the sun), lullabies and warm blankets.

I Cry: Hardly ever! Only when I am hungry or sleepy. (I have started fighting sleep).

My Nick Names: Dude, bubba, bug, bubba gump shrimp, little man, bebe.

My Favorite People: I love everyone!

What people say about me: I am big, I look like a little man, I look just like my dad, I'm a beautiful baby, I'm sooo good, I am really strong, I eat a lot.

Milestones: Holding up my head on my own, attempting to crawl, focusing on faces and black and white patterns.

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