Sunday, January 12, 2014

James' Blessing Day

We blessed James on December 29, 2013 at my parent's house. Our student ward doesn't meet during the holidays because most people are out of town, so we decided to do it at home instead of at church. It was so nice and intimate! 
Thank you to everyone who came and made it a special day for us! 
Again, millions of pictures, but I wanted to get everyone!

Christmas #2- Meeks!

Having Christmas twice is seriously the best- you should try it some time! This time we had Christmas with my family (sans the Lamberts :( hopefully we will see them next year!)

surprisingly, this present is for James!
Its bigger than he is!

Ty and Lin


Sarah, Ruth & Colin


Rob setting up James' new toy

Its a hit!

James turns 2 months old!

I tuned 2 months old on December 28, 2013 (my second Christmas, with the Meeks!)

My Stats: 12 lbs 8.5 oz, 25 inches long, 40 cm head circumference

Sleep: Mostly 3 hour stretches at night (I am just starting to transition to sleeping in my own bed); I always fight going to sleep during the day, I love sleeping in my car seat

Eating: generally 3.5-4 oz (occasionally 5) during the day and 2.5-3 at night

My Favorite Things: My new gym from grandma and grandpa, my head being rubbed, smiling at 8 am, big heavy blankets, tummy time mat, practicing crawling, bouncing, baths, black and white contrast, TV and Ipad screens, constantly moving and seeing everything!

I Cry: when my bottle is empty, during burps, when I am tired, when I am hungry

My Favorite People: everyone, unless I am really angry and then I want my daddy

Milestones: smiling, fixate and following across the room, copy other's facial expressions, gripping and cooing

Fun Facts:
- I am starting to go bald
- I lift my legs when I poop
- Mom and dad still don't know what my eye color will be
-I have HUGE feet
-I got my nails trimmed for the first time
-I like to hang my head sideways
-I am still very light sensitive
-Had my first medication (Tylenol after shots)
-I always have cold hands and feet, but a warm heart!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

a very Starling Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year, full of family and friends! We got to have two Christmases this year because my mom was out of town on Christmas day. Here are some photos of our Christmas celebrations with the Starlings! 
(be prepared for picture overload!)

Grandpa Phil and Baby James on Christmas Eve

Our beautiful tree-
TONS of presents (this is what happens when two families collide!)

James and his first Christmas Stocking,
hand made by yours truly


James smiling at daddy

Oh I just LOVE his smile!


Rob in his new "Christmas jumper" from Sebbie

it looks like Rob is proposing (again)... BUT instead, I got a new....

RING! Rob is the best. The stone is Tourmaline, 
which is both of my boys' birth stone 


rhonda with a new scarf

all my Starlings in a row

feeding my obsession with AA Milne....

cute sebbie

James on his new tummy time mat

happy airplanes with daddy

a feast fit for kings!

Christmas hats!!