Thursday, August 8, 2013

Muir Woods & Oakland

The next stop on our trip was Muir Woods! It was just a short distance from Nate & Ali's house and a good halfway point to Oakland where we met up with Ben (sadly Ashley was out of town). 

I love trees, and Muir Woods was absolutely beautiful. There was only one problem with this stop though. As you walk through the national park everything is flat and has boardwalks. My pregnant self wasn't having a hard time at all and I was enjoying the forest so much. We saw a small path that led off the boardwalk and said "Dipsey Trail, 1.1 Miles." Rob asked me what I thought, and I agreed I could easily go another 1.1 miles. After all, the forest was so cool and beautiful. Long story short, about 3 hours later we emerged on the other side of the forest after an extremely long, all uphill hike (definitely not the 1.1 miles I was promised). I seriously thought I was going to go into labor in the middle of the Redwoods, and no one would know it due to our lack of cell phone service. To top it all off, we lost Seb halfway through and I was nervous we would have to locate some type of forest ranger to help us track him down! Luckily, we all survived, and our little man stayed in!

We also stopped to see the Oakland temple. So pretty!

View from the temple of Oakland and San Francisco

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