Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lake Tahoe & Sacramento

Oh my goodness! Time has gone by so fast. I suddenly realized I hadn't posted ANY of the pictures from our trip- or caught up on everyone's blogs that I stalk. Good news though friends, I am officially caught up on blogs and ready to start posting again!

Rob & I decided since we couldn't go to England this year (due to baby) we would find an All-American road trip to go on. I have always wanted to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, and this summer seemed like the perfect time! 

We began our trip in Lake Tahoe. Rob totally didn't believe me about how stunningly beautiful this place was until we got there and his jaw dropped. Our good friend Nate met up with us in Lake Tahoe and we spent the day playing on the lake! I apologize for the terrible quality of these iphone pictures, but I didn't want to risk getting sand in my camera.

It was a Ray Ban sort of beach...

The Peddle Boat we rented. I apologize for my hat and sunglasses. My baby apparently HATES the sun with a passion and causes me to break out in hives (gotta love pregnancy). So for most of this trip I am wearing an obnoxious amount of clothing at the beach.

After Lake Tahoe we headed to Sacramento to catch up with our friends Nate & Ali! They live in the cutest part of town with so many adorable houses and places to eat. We had dinner, went for an evening walk, and then finished the night off with dessert!

On Sunday we explored Old Town Sacramento- it's SO CUTE!

BEST friends ever! 
We miss them so much and it was so nice to catch up with them for a few days!

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