Friday, July 5, 2013


I keep telling Rob that eventually we need to go to Yellowstone.
Finally, we got the opportunity this summer to join some
friends for the weekend at their cabin in Island Park.

It was so beautiful up there, but slightly cooler than what I 
was imagining- it has been around 90f here so I figured it
would be like 80f there- false. It was in the 50's. 
So, please ignore my wardrobe of choice throughout
this series of pictures, warmth trumped fashion on this trip.
Everything looks especially unflattering because I am about
20 weeks pregnant in all of these pictures.

Be ready for picture overload...

the bear no one but me believed we would see-
sorry its so little. he was very far away

aw, baby buffalo!

stinky, pretty stuff.

Silex Spring

The Tolley's

The Pugmire's- Old Faithful

In case you were wondering, hiking 600 some odd steps
is REALLY hard when you are pregnant-
but the view was totally worth it.

the whole group

a view of the stairs going back up

Lake Yellowstone

We had such a fun time with everyone and we were so grateful 
we finally got to go to Yellowstone! When I asked Rob what
he thought about it, he said there was less wildlife than he expected
and the park was a lot bigger! haha. 
Well, at least we got to see our bear!!