Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the half way mark

Today I am officially 20 weeks along in my pregnancy!
It is crazy how fast the first half of the pregnancy has gone. Now that the
sickness is over, I am enjoying every minute of it! There is nothing
more miraculous than feeling little kicks and movements inside of me from our little guy.

Here are some super awkward belly pictures-

(this is me today, at 20 weeks)

Yesterday we got to have our 20 week ultrasound
(usually the only ultrasound done during entire pregnancy)
and little man was being a turkey

A friend told me to drink orange juice before I went in, 
as this would help the baby move more.
Well, apparently our little guy REALLY likes orange juice.
He was so active for the first part of the ultrasound it was hard to get any good images.
He was doing flips and rolling over, he was upside down and backward!

Finally our little guy started to hold still, only there was one problem...
he fell asleep in the most awkward position possible. We tried
everything to wake him back up but he wasn't having any part of it.
So, once again, no pictures.

Here is a picture of Rob imitating the position baby fell asleep in:
(he is the best husband ever...)

Here are some of the random pictures we were able to get:

I just think his little foot is the cutest!

This is a picture of him showing us his British side-
he is all ready for his first cup of tea!

Sorry, he wasn't cooperating enough to give us another profile view of him.

All in all, the ultra sound tech said everything was looking good.
He is measuring a week smaller than he should be and so the technician
had some trouble finding his heart outflow tract. 
(later to be his aorta, which will carry oxygenated blood out to his body). 
She assured me that this is normal when babies are measuring smaller, and
I will have to return in 4 weeks for a second ultrasound.

I'll be honest, I am a little panicked. But Rob assures me everything is fine,
and we see the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully she will do the same. 
In the meantime, if anyone has any advice or experience in this area,
do share...

I'll keep praying for our little guy that he grows and is healthy
(Rob on the other hand has no trouble sleeping at night)
Also- maybe don't drink OJ before your ultrasound- 
I'm not entirely sure itwas the best idea ever.


  1. What a cute momma you already are! I'll be praying for your little guy.

  2. This makes me really excited!! I'm right behind you!! I can't WAIT to feel this baby move.