Thursday, May 30, 2013

baby makes 3!

Rob & I found out that we are expecting a baby BOY due October 29th! We are so excited to begin this new adventure of our lives. Planning for a baby has been exciting, terrifying, and sometimes downright nauseating. [haha]. 

here is a picture of our LITTLE GUY- isn't he just the cutest?

I talked Rob into letting me get the early "gender check" ultrasound. It is done at 16 weeks, and not always completely accurate depending on the position of the baby. I was nervous going into the ultrasound that our baby would be shy and we wouldn't be able to find out the gender. 
Lucky for me, baby wasn't shy at all- and we got a clear answer- BOY!

We have already started shopping for our little guy. Since before I was pregnant I have been obsessed with prams. Unfortunately the general American population doesn't share my love and therefore they are quite difficult to come by in the states. After months of searching online and studying different types, I decided to go with the Roan Rocco pram. Now, before you think I have just made the worst possible choice in strollers because this doesn't look like it is going to fit my little guy past 6 months, let me explain. The pram also comes with a stroller attachment, so when baby outgrows the bassinet, you just take the bassinet off and put the second part on 
(which lasts until age 4-5). I had to order the little sucker from Poland, and my mother-in-law will be bringing it with her this fall. I am SO EXCITED and not totally sure I can wait 6 months for it to arrive.

We also bought him a few clothes-
because he ABSOLUTELY NEEDED them.

We are SO EXCITED for our little guy to come, but in the mean time we are enjoying learning all about how he is growing and developing. We learn so much each day about babies and pregnancy but I know we still have so much to learn before he gets here! I haven't felt him move yet, but hopefully we can start feeling him in the next couple of weeks!