Thursday, January 17, 2013

the BIG bed theory

This week in the Starling house:

We discovered the other night that Rob will be graduating in December, one semester earlier than we realized. This puts us in an awkward position of trying to figure out what we should do with our time. We can either stay in Utah working until July 2014 and then go to law school, apply to early acceptance law schools and move in December 2013 and start law school in January 2014, or we can move in January 2014 and try to start getting residency somewhere. This has proven to be a very difficult decision to make, and so we have decided to just let things fall where they may. (This is the best way to make decisions, procrastination). But, if anyone has any good insights into the matter we would love to hear them. 

Second, the bed. I love our bed, but you try sharing a queen sized bed with a 6'4'' rugby player. Its a nightmare. I feel as if I haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks, I wake up with random limbs in my side and bruises on my legs. I have been trying to convince Rob it is time for us to upgrade to a king sized bed. I think I have him 78% convinced, so I must start shopping. Who is in love with their mattress? Please give me some suggestions of good places to look/ brands to buy/ things to stay away from. 

Any help or suggestions on either matter is greatly appreciated. 

Recent Starling addictions:
Sugar (her)
The big Bang Theory (them)
The Vampire Diaries (her)
Downton Abbey (her)
Latin translation book (him)
dumping oodles of money into stupid cars (them)

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  1. Hey Cute Chelsea,
    We've been there with the huge decision of where and when to go to law school. :-) I can't say exactly when you should start the ADVENTURES of law school widowing, but I can say we've learned to try our best to keep every option open, live our lives so we can be guided by the spirit, and recognize that things will fall into place according to God's timetable and His plan. Many times, the faith had to precede the miracle. In regards to your bed, you're hilarious! Tell Rob to stop beating you up at night. ha ha