Saturday, January 12, 2013

it's Starling, not Sterling

All week I have been thinking about working on my first photo project,but to be honest the whole thing seemed a little daunting. So, here I am on a Saturday night, finally working on it. Talk about procrastination. 

I love birds, not just because my last name is Starling, but because I genuinely love birds. I suppose it all started with my Grandma Alta, who would religiously feed the birds  and watch them all afternoon. She knew their colors, sizes, types and personalities, and she would always share them with me. 

So, for my first project I decided to take pictures of a little bird in the different rooms and lighting conditions of my apartment. Please be kind, these photos have been taken on total manual mode, no flash,
and most importantly, no digital enhancement. So, they aren't perfect, but I was proud that for my first project I got something other than black frames to turn out!

 As always, any constructive criticism and advice is always welcome.

1 comment:

  1. love the third one down - that the bird is the most focused and stands out. i think it looks great! way to go! soon you can teach me your skills! :D