Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Holidays!

This year for Christmas Rob and I spent a few weeks at my parent's house (its SO far away). We had such a fun time celebrating with the family and lounging about. I'll be honest, there was a little too much relaxing and a little too many calories- not a good combo! Rob and I were really blessed for Christmas this year. We received a Kitchen Aid stand mixer from my parents ("no kitchen is complete without one!") and a new lens for our camera (zoom/macro). Rob gave me a new military winter coat and I gave him a new leather school bag. I apologize for all of the close up pictures (on second thought, no I don't) but I was REALLY excited about using my new macro lens! 

We LOVE games- our most recent favorite is called Bohnanza! (aka the bean game)
I know, I know- it sounds strange, but its really fun and you should play it!

The beautiful tree with all the "loot"

nice. Rob on Christmas morning, pre-shower, if there ever was a shower that day

playing with the new macro lens- pretty cool!

New Year's Eve with my family is always really chill. Its one of my favorite holidays (next to the Super Bowl) because you get to eat a bunch of appetizers!! Seriously, its my favorite genre of food. We were also really blessed because Adam (Rob's older brother) and his wife, Emma, came down from Calgary to spend the holiday with us. It was so nice to see them again since we haven't seen them since their wedding. (I royally sucked and did not blog that event)

Adam and Emma- happily married for 2 months

Dad and Trent deep in thought over growing some beans

Food, glorious food!

Dad's age- haha just kidding.

NYE Kiss! (its the best part- next to the food)

Happy Holidays everyone! Here's looking forward to a new year!
 (hopefully one with more blogging!)

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  1. Wow, those photos are great! Yay for the new camera lens! Glad you had a good christmas and new years :)