Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Well folks, I have finally finished my new year's resolution list. It only took a month (haha) but I have really put a lot of thought into making my goals realistic, yet challenging. Here are the goals that made the final cut:

1. Read the Ensign magazine cover to cover every month
2. Get better at photography
3. Maintain my current weight and eat better
(I know it sounds like a cop out to try to maintain weight, but I recently just lost weight and I am trying to keep it off)
4. Have sincere prayer
5. Have regular scripture STUDY
6. Read 5 educational books this year (I am the worst reader on the planet)
7. Go to the gym 3x a week 
8. Write in journal at least 1x per week
9. Get COT certified for work
10. Make 1 quilt
11. Practice harp at least 2x per week
12. Work on one Christlike attribute (from Preach My Gospel) each month

I know you are already thinking I have totally dropped the ball on my photography goal since I had previously announced it on my blog, but fear not, I have been researching. I went home and dug through all of my old junk, hoping beyond hope that I could find my high school photography lesson papers. The junk gods were not smiling upon me, however, and I did not find said papers. So, I have been searching the internet for a good book to teach me how to use my camera- when I stumbled across Pinterest. Much  cheaper, and still accomplishes the same thing. 

Over the next month I am going to try to complete this list and try to post the pictures to the blog in a timely manner- I can already guarantee there will be multiple pictures per post. :) (list courtesy of http://www.amandabraswell.com)

 Who wants to join me?!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

the BIG bed theory

This week in the Starling house:

We discovered the other night that Rob will be graduating in December, one semester earlier than we realized. This puts us in an awkward position of trying to figure out what we should do with our time. We can either stay in Utah working until July 2014 and then go to law school, apply to early acceptance law schools and move in December 2013 and start law school in January 2014, or we can move in January 2014 and try to start getting residency somewhere. This has proven to be a very difficult decision to make, and so we have decided to just let things fall where they may. (This is the best way to make decisions, procrastination). But, if anyone has any good insights into the matter we would love to hear them. 

Second, the bed. I love our bed, but you try sharing a queen sized bed with a 6'4'' rugby player. Its a nightmare. I feel as if I haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks, I wake up with random limbs in my side and bruises on my legs. I have been trying to convince Rob it is time for us to upgrade to a king sized bed. I think I have him 78% convinced, so I must start shopping. Who is in love with their mattress? Please give me some suggestions of good places to look/ brands to buy/ things to stay away from. 

Any help or suggestions on either matter is greatly appreciated. 

Recent Starling addictions:
Sugar (her)
The big Bang Theory (them)
The Vampire Diaries (her)
Downton Abbey (her)
Latin translation book (him)
dumping oodles of money into stupid cars (them)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

it's Starling, not Sterling

All week I have been thinking about working on my first photo project,but to be honest the whole thing seemed a little daunting. So, here I am on a Saturday night, finally working on it. Talk about procrastination. 

I love birds, not just because my last name is Starling, but because I genuinely love birds. I suppose it all started with my Grandma Alta, who would religiously feed the birds  and watch them all afternoon. She knew their colors, sizes, types and personalities, and she would always share them with me. 

So, for my first project I decided to take pictures of a little bird in the different rooms and lighting conditions of my apartment. Please be kind, these photos have been taken on total manual mode, no flash,
and most importantly, no digital enhancement. So, they aren't perfect, but I was proud that for my first project I got something other than black frames to turn out!

 As always, any constructive criticism and advice is always welcome.

Monday, January 7, 2013

the wannabe photographer

One of my goals this year is to improve on one of my many hobbies. I always feel like I am one of those people who tries everything, but isn't exceptionally good at anything in particular. I love baking, cooking, sewing, crafting, music and photography. So, whether or not it is the best idea, I have chosen to work on my photography skills. The good news is that this goal should also help me blog more often. My goal each week will be to take a picture of something and post one of my favorite pictures, while learning something new. So, basically all this rambling is telling you to be prepared for some random picture posts occasionally. This week I am working on using my camera in manual mode, (I'll be honest, up to this point I have been cheating) so please no judgments. At no point on this blog will I claim to be a professional photographer or know anything about photography, but I enjoy it and that is what matters. So for now, no picture post. But look around the end of the week and here is hoping I have found a way to make a decent picture with the camera in manual mode. So far they are just black. Hahaha, I guess I can only go UP from here!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Le Boulanger

Let's just start this post out with some honesty. I'm addicted to bread. So, since I got a new mixer for Christmas, I thought it would be fun to feed my addiction. Rob and I are obsessed with what we Americans call "French bread," and what Rob just calls "normal bread." Regardless of its name, we made four delicious baguettes! (They weren't perfect, but definitely not bad for a first timer!)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Holidays!

This year for Christmas Rob and I spent a few weeks at my parent's house (its SO far away). We had such a fun time celebrating with the family and lounging about. I'll be honest, there was a little too much relaxing and a little too many calories- not a good combo! Rob and I were really blessed for Christmas this year. We received a Kitchen Aid stand mixer from my parents ("no kitchen is complete without one!") and a new lens for our camera (zoom/macro). Rob gave me a new military winter coat and I gave him a new leather school bag. I apologize for all of the close up pictures (on second thought, no I don't) but I was REALLY excited about using my new macro lens! 

We LOVE games- our most recent favorite is called Bohnanza! (aka the bean game)
I know, I know- it sounds strange, but its really fun and you should play it!

The beautiful tree with all the "loot"

nice. Rob on Christmas morning, pre-shower, if there ever was a shower that day

playing with the new macro lens- pretty cool!

New Year's Eve with my family is always really chill. Its one of my favorite holidays (next to the Super Bowl) because you get to eat a bunch of appetizers!! Seriously, its my favorite genre of food. We were also really blessed because Adam (Rob's older brother) and his wife, Emma, came down from Calgary to spend the holiday with us. It was so nice to see them again since we haven't seen them since their wedding. (I royally sucked and did not blog that event)

Adam and Emma- happily married for 2 months

Dad and Trent deep in thought over growing some beans

Food, glorious food!

Dad's age- haha just kidding.

NYE Kiss! (its the best part- next to the food)

Happy Holidays everyone! Here's looking forward to a new year!
 (hopefully one with more blogging!)