Sunday, July 8, 2012

Budapest, Hungary

Going to Hungary from Slovakia was such an interesting transition. First of all we knew we were in trouble when we couldn't even order water when we stopped for lunch. We kept looking at Rob to translate for us as he had been the whole trip; and he had to keep reminding us he didn't speak Hungarian. We found our apartment easily (which was gorgeous) and then set out to explore the city.

Fisherman's Bastion

this looks totally fake- but its real, i promise

ha. I love this pose Rob is doing

The Hungarian Parliament Building

hanging out in Hero's Square

getting our Carni on with the gypsies

top of Szechenyi Baths- we went later that night and so
i don't have any pictures of it- but it was so beautiful!

getting rained out- on to plan B: the bus!

tree of the holocaust victims. each leaf represents one person

chillin at the Jewish synogogue

gorgeous view of Buda ^

i like this picture because you can see the distinction between Buda and Pest.
Buda is on the left with all of the hills and Pest is on the right


chillin with a tin man after some delicious Hungarian Goulash

what a beautiful city!

Viszlat from Hungary! UP NEXT- ROMA!! EEK :)


  1. I love your pics!! What a great trip, more explanations....Buda and Pest are really 2 different cities?? I thought they were one......teach me more!7:)

    1. Yes! I didn't know they were technically two different cities either until we got there. All I know is Buda is the hilly side and Pest is very flat. It was a really cool city, I was pleasantly surprised!