Sunday, July 8, 2012

Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

I know you thought that was the end of our trip, but you were sorely mistaken. I have just been terrible about posting lately. We are only about a week into our trip! Rob served in Banska Bystrica for 6 months of his mission. It was so fun to go back there on a Sunday and be able to attend Sacrament meeting with the members in the branch. The spirit was so strong there and we learned about being member missionaries (which I'm sure those people were pro's at due to the small size of the branch). There were about 8 people who attended the branch that day, as well as some of Rob's old mission companions. It was also fun to see more of the missionaries out in the field that Rob taught in the MTC. We spent the morning before church walking around an old communist memorial park and watching all the families with their children. It was a beautiful day. After church we headed straight for Hungary, so I apologize we don't have too many pictures from Banska.

Enjoying dinner at a little street cafe in the town center

communist memorial park

pictures of the town center

the branch/ mission companions in Banska

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