Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rome, Italy

Hi friends! I know it has been forever since my last trip update. I apologize, but I had to turn 400 pictures of Rome into this very short blog post- not so easy. From Budapest we flew to Rome. Flying into the Ciampino airport was way cooler than flying into the Fiumicino airport (which I did last time). On the way into Ciampino you get to see the WHOLE city. It was absolutely incredible- you get to see all of the sites so clearly. (Unless you are my father who claims my mother was being a window hog). Rome is absolutely massive- my parents were shocked they had sent me there on a study abroad all by myself (and of course my best gal pal, Cassie). Taking my parents and Rob back to Rome was absolutely a dream come true. I love that city so much and it was so fun to share it with them. The best part about Rome is that it NEVER gets old- I could see all of those sites at least a million times more. 

We randomly wandered into this church, the church of San Giovanni, 
so gorgeous and totally worth the wander

Palentine Hill

the Roman Forum

The Colosseum

Dad showing us how the important guys would enter the stadium

The Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

quite possibly one of my favorite places on earth with my favorite man

getting ready for our tour of the Vatican

Loacoon statue- Rob loves all this Roman stuff

Inside St. Peter's Basillica

this bad boy is 8 stories high- just to put things in perspective

The Swiss Guard-
they had the cute outfits on that day so I made Rob stand by them

showing them my old apartment- across the street from Vatican City

ha. love this.

wandering through side streets to find Piazza Nouvona. 
Never a bad idea- so beautiful

Doing what we do best- shopping

The Pantheon

Mom & I got abandoned by the boys for about an hour on the Spanish Steps-
looking back we should have walked across the street to Prada. That 
would teach them for leaving us there.

Rob diving into Rome

Our last meal in Rome- seriously I wanted to cry.

Phew- that took awhile, sorry! Next up, ENGLAND.