Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Days 1-2: Clacton-on-sea and Bratislava

I'm sure you have already done the math. This post only covers two days of our trip. Two of twenty one. So get stoked because in order to view our entire trip you are going to need some patience! Just be glad you don't have my job. I started with nearly 2000 pictures. I'm trying to narrow it done to a digestible amount for ya'll. So bear with me, I'll try to do a new post every couple of days, but I'm not making any promises. Enjoy.

Day 1: I'm sure you know the feeling, right? The "I've been awake for 24 hours already, what do you mean it's only 6 am here?!" feeling. The first day we landed in England was absolutely gorgeous (little did we know this would be one of the only sunny days we would have in England on this entire trip). We walked down to the sea front and watched the water come in. It was beautiful, and lets be honest, that's about all we had energy for. Of course, followed by some fish and chips in the park.

Dad and Adam on the sea front

chillin in the sun with Rob, Adam, Rhonda, parentals and Ruthie

as Rob says, perfect skimming form.

fish and chips in the park

On the second day we flew out to Bratislava, Slovakia at 5 am. We picked up our rental car and then headed straight to our apartment. It was such a neat apartment, it had a huge window balcony overlooking the city. Bratislava is absolutely gorgeous. We met up with one of Rob's friends from his mission, Jana. She showed us around Bratislava on a beautiful city walk.

looking out the balcony window

view from the balcony

meet Georgio. Our trusted tour guide through Europe. 

can I live here? please? its pink.

you guessed it. Kofola. 

the blue church (modry kostol)

Rob and I with Jana

taking a break by the river

only my father would humiliate me in this way- public workout, aka. public humiliation for everyone involved.

close to our apartment with the Slovak National Theater in the background

Bratislava Castle

beautiful city, one of my favorites

it was SUPER windy up there- thus the weird shirts

they're adorable.

The Presidential Palace and gardens

Rob with the missionaries he taught in the MTC- so fun to meet up with them in the tiny LDS Slovak church. The branch there has less than 30 people. 

night walk and view from the Slavin Monument

hold on to your knickers, next up- VIENNA. 


  1. You win! I know you're surprised, but I haven't begun uploading.... yet!

  2. Chelsea this trip looks fantastic! I don't know if I can be patient enough for the other blog posts to come so I think I may come visit so I can see your pics sooner than later and hear you talk about them! haha. Glad you made it back safely